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Can I Get Job After MBBS In Russia?


After the completion of the MBBS study from Russia, the students can opt for the post-graduation courses in hospital management. It helps the students to get a job in various medical sectors. Moreover, you can also go for any other medical specialization and have a job along with good salary packages.

How can I get job in Russia?

Foreign citizens have the right to work in Russia legally by issuing a work permit or a patent. Failure to comply with the law leads to large fines for the company, and a foreign worker can be deported. A work permit for foreign citizens is a document that confirms the right to work in Russia.

How easy is it to get a job in Russia?

In fact, due to many factors, Russia is one of the easiest countries in the world to find a job as an expat. In 2020, US News & World Report ranked Russia the number one country in the world to start a career.

Is Indian MBBS valid in Russia?

Russia is one of the best and safe places for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad. Many students from India and around the world have come to pursue MBBS in Russia. Russia has about 87 medical universities. Out of these universities, there are more than 15 universities in Russia offering MBBS in English medium.

How much money does a doctor make in Russia?

On average, doctors in Russia earned approximately 92 thousand Russian rubles per month in 2020. In Moscow, the figure was significantly higher, measuring at roughly 161 thousand Russian rubles.

Can I work as a doctor in Russia?

In order to freely practice as a medical doctor in Russia, you will need to obtain a medical license, issued by the Ministry of Health. The process of obtaining the license is fairly straightforward and involves you providing the necessary documents to the governing body.

What is the most common job in Russia?

The service sector accounts for over half of all jobs in Russia, with retail, tourism, health, and education among the most important service segments. Mining, manufacturing, and construction are the biggest industrial sectors.


What jobs are in demand in Russia?

Specialists in agriculture – agronomists, veterinarians, zoo-technicians, technical specialists in crop and livestock production – are also in high demand, reported Headhunter. Employers expect much from candidates, and they should not only be experienced workers but also speak English.

What is the highest paid job in Russia?

As of 2021, surgeons ranked first in the list of highest-paying professions in Russia with an average monthly salary of 386 thousand Russian rubles. Judges ranked second, earning 324 thousand Russian rubles on average per month.

Can you live in Russia without speaking Russian?

It turns out, once you settle, surviving in Russia is possible, even if you don’t speak Russian.

What jobs can foreigners get in Russia?

10 job opportunities in Russia for foreigners

  • Business Development Manager.
  • Publishing manager.
  • Product Owner/Agile Business Analyst.
  • Features Editor.
  • Translator/Style-editor.
  • Online School Coordinator with Spanish.
  • Preschool English teacher.
  • English Teacher.

Why is MBBS cheap in Russia?

MBBS fee in Russia is very low because the Russian Government provides subsidy for education. Average MBBS fee in Russia is between 2.5 Lacs to 5 Lacs per year. All Russian Medical Universities are listed in WHO and MCI so a student who gets an MBBS degree from Russia can practice anywhere in the world including India.

Is Russia cheap for MBBS?

MBBS in Russia is very cost-efficient. The average cost of studying MBBS in Russia is around 4000 USD per year. That roughly translates to 2,75,000 Rupees for a course that is 6 years long. Along with that, you do not have to pay any capitalisation fee and there are many scholarships available as well.

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