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How Can I Become A Army Doctor After 12th?


1. You have to get selected in AFMC via NEET UG after 12th, to become Army Doctor. 2. The next option is to complete your UG from any civil medical college and join directly through an interview conducted by a board of officers.

How do you get into Army Medical Corps?

(a) (i) The applicant must possess medical qualification included in First/Second Schedule or Part II of the Third Schedule of IMC Act 1956. (ii) The applicant must have permanent registration from any State Medical Council/MCI.

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  3. Army Medical Corps requires 150 MBBS doctors.

Can I join Indian Army after 12th with PCB?

Yes, you can join Indian Army by giving NDA examination or you can apply for indian Army after your graduation as a medical corp. During and After 12th before graduation there is only one way to join Indian Army i.e;NDA.

Which exam is for Army doctor?

The admission into the MBBS course in the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) is provided by the NEET scorecard. AFMC 2021 Admissions is known as the Armed Forces Medical College MBBS entrance exam. It is the medical entrance exam, which is popularly conducted by Armed Forces Medical College, Pune.

What is the salary of a military doctor?

Average Indian Army Doctor salary in India is ₹ 11.6 Lakhs for 3 to 31 years of experience. Doctor salary at Indian Army ranges between ₹2 Lakhs to ₹ 22.2 Lakhs. According to our estimates it is 16% more than the average Doctor Salary in India.

What is the salary of doctor in army?

The typical Indian Army Doctor salary is ₹15,11,962 per year. Doctor salaries at Indian Army can range from ₹10,30,879 – ₹18,60,503 per year.

Do Army doctors get paid more?

Military resident physicians earn higher salaries than their civilian counterparts by 53% (post-tax pay), which is a substantial difference in annual salary. USUHS also provides a salary while in medical school, so military physicians likely have minimal medical school debt than civilian physicians.


Can AFMC doctor marry?

Marriage during the course is not permitted. The college is fully residential both for boys and girls.

Can Army doctors join Para SF?

Any Indian armed forces doctor(Male/Female) willing to join as paratrooper has to undergo a 28 days para probation at this field hospital. There are 2 ways to join/volunteer for para probation. 1. Every doctor in Indian Army (medical/dental) undergoes MOBC(Medical Officers Basic Course).

Which job is best for PCB students?

Best career options for PCB biology except medical after 12th


Which subject should I take for Army?

(a) Education qualification for Soldier Technical (Aviation/Ammunition Examiner) 10+2/ Intermediate Exam in Science with English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects with a minimum 50% marks in aggregate and should have secured minimum 40% marks in each subject.

Is Bio student eligible for Army?

So being a Biology student, you are eligible to join the Army wing through NDA. But to be eligible to join the Naval or the Air force wing you must have passed Class 12th board exams with Physics and Maths as subjects.

What is Army doctor called?

PMO = principal medical officer, the seniormost doctor at the division level. Usually a specialist with the rank of brigadier. RMO = regimental medical officer (normally an army general practitioner with additional training in pre-hospital emergency care and occupational medicine).

Can a girl become army doctor?

Hello there, You can provide services to Indian Airforce being a medical assistant air man. For the role of doctor in Indian Armed Forces, you are required to appear in NEET examination and apply for admission in Armed Forces Medical College. You can opt for an MBBS course there to become a Doctor.

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