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How Do I Approach A Doctor As A Medical Representative?


Before any visit: things Medical representative should know about:

  1. Drug information.
  2. Updated info.
  3. Competing products.
  4. Personality of the customers.
  5. The key to convince the doctor with our product.
  6. Selling skills.
  7. To make sure that you know your company well and also that the company is well known to the doctor.

What are the 5 main qualities a medical representative should have?

Role of Medical Representative: Skills Required

  • Proficient in usage of computer software and tools, especially MS Office suite [Word, PowerPoint and Excel]
  • Excellent negotiating skills.
  • Awareness of recent developments.
  • Flexible and adaptable to challenges.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Time management skills.

What is the rule of medical representative?

Usually, their job is to get an appointment with the doctors, promote and sell the company’s pharma drugs. Medical representatives introduce the company’s product, give a brief presentation of the product, answer queries and request a prescription from the concerned doctor.

How can I talk to a medical representative?

​ (800) 541-5555 Medi-Cal Members and Providers: If you have a question, need help, or need to report a problem, please call (800) 541-5555 (outside of California, please call (916) ​636-1980) for our Telephone Service Center.

How do you introduce a product to a doctor?

Introduce, probe, close Introduction: Always give the doctor your full name, the company you represent, the name of your product and what it is used for. Don’t assume the doctor remembers who you are or whom you represent from the few brief greetings shouted at her through the office window.

What is age limit for medical representative?

Most of pharmaceutical companies prefer to appoint medical representatives at age limit 23-27 years. Some companies allow age limit of 23 years, some 24 and some 27.

How can I succeed as a medical representative?

How to be a Successful Medical Sales Rep

  1. Medical and product knowledge. Just because you have great sales skills, doesn’t mean you can sell just anything.
  2. Communication skills. Communication is a critical skill in any type of sales job.
  3. Be available.
  4. Sales skills.
  5. Remember the patients.

How can I be good at medical sales?

10 Career-Making Medical Sales Tips

  1. Get to The Hospital Before The Doctors.
  2. Don’t Take a Break at Lunchtime.
  3. Get to Know the Lay of The Land.
  4. Always Keep The Patient in Mind.
  5. Know Your Products Like The Back of Your Hand.
  6. Be Responsive.
  7. Follow Through.
  8. Prepare for The Negatives.

Is medical sales a good career?

Medical sales is a thriving and exciting industry. And owing to continual progress in medical technology and a growing population’s increased demand for healthcare products, there is great job security in the field and a promising future for anyone with the passion and drive for medical sales success.

What is the main job of medical representative?

Medical representatives specialize in one area and make the health professionals prescribe the particular product of their company. Their job is to promote the existing medicine to the doctors, pharmacists, and chemists. They discuss the clinical usage, dosages, etc.

What is the main role of MR?

A medical representative’s job is to promote and sell their company’s products, whether that’s pharmaceutical drugs or medical equipment. Customers can include doctors, nurses and pharmacists. The medical representative will increase product awareness, answer queries, provide advice and introduce new products.

How can I convert my doctor to write brand?

Co-Founder & CEO at Darwyn Life Sciences

  1. Importance of Branding.
  2. Brand Name.
  3. Similarity in names of the drug and molecule is essential.
  4. Understanding the doctor.
  5. Psychological and Social Factors.
  6. KOL Opinion.
  7. Scientific Factors.
  8. Safety of a drug is of utmost importance to the doctor.

How do you sell pharmaceuticals to doctors?

Teach your pharma reps these four strategies to get doctors to trust them and your company:

  1. Keep ahead of industry trends. You should already be encouraging your team to keep an eye on industry trends.
  2. Master new technology.
  3. Know competition inside and out.
  4. Practice active listening.

What is medical representative training?

Medical Sales Representative Training Medical Sales Representatives are a key link between medical healthcare professionals (HCP) and pharmaceutical companies. This training program will also train you in areas such as marketing practice, market research, sales process, communication skills, planning etc.

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