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How Do I Download My MCI Registration Certificate?


Enter the OTP as received in applicant’s registered Email ID. Email template for OTP to download the certificate: Page 3 • Click on submit to view the certificate. After clicking on “Submit”, the certificates can be downloaded.

How can I find my doctor registration number in Tamilnadu?

To search doctor in TNMC portal, visit

  1. On home page click on Students/Doctors menu item under it click on doctor search option.
  2. After clicking you can search any doctor which is registered in TNMC by TNMC registration number.

How are doctors registered in India?

Every New Medical Graduate must Register with the respective State Medical Council Register and is then allocated a registration number. With that Registration Number, the Doctor can Practice anywhere in India.

How do I register for MCI online?

The applicant first needs to register on the MCI website Once registered, to complete the application, the applicant must log in with the given User ID and password. After logging in, click on the Eligibility Certificate which is available on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

How can I get medical license in India?

Documents Required for Obtaining a Drug License:

  1. Application form in the format prescribed in the Act.
  2. A cover letter with application duly signed with the details of name and designation of the applicant.
  3. Challan of the fee deposited for registration.
  4. Blueprint of the premises.

How do I register with IMR?

Medical Council of India: Apply for IMR Indian Medical Register & Track Application Status

  1. Organisation:Medical Council of India.
  2. Facility: Apply for IMR Indian Medical Register.
  3. Home
  4. Apply Online here:

How can I download IMR certificate?


  1. Depending on the individual State Medical Council, download the appropriate file.( Unzip the file using winzip )
  2. Using Microsoft Access, open the downloaded MDB (Access Database) file, with the password provided by Medical Council of India, New Delhi.

Is MCI registration valid all over India?

New Delhi: The Medical Council of India (MCI) has directed all states to provide a unique permanent registration number (UPRN) to every doctor registered in their jurisdiction.

How do I find my TNMC registration number?

Create an account in TNMC by filling your details like Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and Password. After filling all the details click on Submit and proceed to verify your email address button. Check your email inbox. TNMC will immediately send an OTP to your account’s email address.

How do I register for KMC?

These documents must be prepared by you from your college before you go to Karnataka medical council and apply.

  1. 10th and 12th mark sheets.
  2. Copies of college mark sheets.
  3. Photos (at least 5 color and 5 B/W)
  4. Complete Logbook.
  5. NO DUE Certificate.
  6. Approx.
  7. Optional – Receipt of caution deposit ( paid at the time of admission )

How do I do an online medical consultation?

Get started in 3 simple steps

  1. Download the app. Download the Practo Pro app and go to the consult section.
  2. Complete verification process. Upload your registration and latest degree certificate, and a government-issued ID proof.
  3. Enter your bank details.

How many doctors are there in India in 2020?

In 2020, there were over 1.2 million doctors registered with the Indian Medical Council across the south Asian country. This was significant increase from over 827 thousand doctors in the country in 2010.

Which state has highest doctors in India?

As of 2019, the south Indian state of Kerala had the highest density of doctors of about 42 per ten thousand population in the country. However, Jharkhand had the least density of doctors in the country of about four doctors per ten thousand people in the state.

How many doctors qualify every year in India?

India Produces 50,000 Doctors a Year. If Only Medical Education Were Better Regulated. The UN/WHO describe the ideal doctor-population ratio as 1:1,000, and India is approximately at half of that.

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