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How Do I Get A Class 2 Medical Certificate From DGCA?


To apply for a class 2 medical, candidates can go to the DGCA website and select from the list of DGCA empanelled, class 2 medical examiners( Upon selection, an appointment needs to be fixed with the examiner.

What are the requirements for Class 2 medical?

Physical Examination – a general check that all is functioning correctly. It will cover lungs, heart, blood pressure, stomach, limbs and nervous system. Ears – the AME will use a normal conversational voice 2 metres behind you. You should be able to hear that in each ear separately.

How long does it take to get a Class 2 medical certificate?

Class 2 medical is conducted by a panel of doctors decided by DGCA. You may approach anyone of them. It usually takes 1-2 days to complete the medicals. The doctor will send your file to DGCA and a PMR number will be generated.

What is 3rd class medical certificate?

A Third class medical certificate is appropriate for student pilots, recreational pilots, and private pilots who fly for pleasure or personal business (but not for hire). A third class medical is valid for 60 months for pilots under age 40, and 24 months for applicants who are age 40 or older. Updated March 2017.

Can a pilot wear glasses?

Overall the answer is – Yes, you can wear glasses and become an airline pilot. However, you are required to have a certain standard to become an airline pilot, as you have to pass the requirements for a Class 1 medical. These standards can vary from country to country but here we’ll stick to the DGCA India regulations.

What is the Class 2 medical test?

LIST OF CLASS 2 MEDICAL EXAMINERS! 2. The Fees for the class to examination will be Rs 3500/- and he/she will be conducting few tests like Blood,urine,BMI (body mass index),ECG, Blood pressure, chest Xray,Eye test and the Hearing test.


What happens during a class 2 medical?

Class 2 Initial The initial examination includes a thorough exploration of your medical history, full physical clinical examination, vision tests, hearing test, urine test and ECG. If corrective lenses are worn EASA still requires a copy of the vision prescription TO BE BROUGHT TO THE INITIAL MEDICAL.

How long it takes to get a medical certificate?

Time required to get Medical Certificate Attestation The process of getting a Medical Certificate Attestation usually requires 8 to 10 days.

What is a Class 2 aviation medical certificate?

Class 2 medical certificates are for commercial, non-airline pilot-in-command duties as well as private pilot duties. This certificate would be required of crop dusters, charter pilots, corporate pilots, airline first officers and anyone else who flies commercially.

What is 1st 2nd and 3rd class FAA medical?

Medical certificates are designated as first-class, second-class, or third-class. Generally, first-class is designed for the airline transport pilot; second-class for the commercial pilot; and third-class for the student, recreational and private pilot.

What is checked in a Class 1 medical?

First class medical certificate requirements include checks of eyesight, ears, psychical examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), lung function, cholesterol blood, hemoglobin blood, chest X-ray, urine, period of validity. It will cover the lungs, heart, blood pressure, stomach, limbs and nervous system.

What are DGCA exams?

What are DGCA exams? DGCA Exams are not any entrance exams these are exams which every student pilot needs to pass for the issuance of cpl and you need to score a minimum of 70 marks in each subject.

How much does a Class 1 aviation medical cost?

The cost of initial medicals for Class 1, 2 and 3 is $308.00 (inclusive of GST). This does not include the CASA administration fee. The cost of renewals for Class 1, 2 and 3 for those who have previously had an aviation medical conducted by Dr Tran is $230.00 (inclusive of GST).

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