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How Do I Sell My Medical Devices?


Medical Device Sales Strategy & Tips

  1. Build a Strong Network.
  2. Never Miss on Follow-Ups.
  3. Make the Most of Email Marketing.
  4. Adopt the Storytelling Method.
  5. Don’t Be Shy to Ask for Referrals.
  6. Be Ready for Complex Conversations.
  7. Empower Your Medical Sales Representatives with Resources.
  8. Consider a Reliable HIPAA Compliant CRM.

How are medical devices sold to hospitals?

Most hospitals have a committee that evaluates, selects, and purchases medical devices for the organization. Having a clear idea of the people and process involved before you actually start to market or sell your product will help you choose the right sales channel.

Is it hard to sell medical devices?

Selling expensive medical devices is no easy task. Hospitals take procurement very seriously, which means you need to work diligently to capture the trust of potential buyers. But that can be difficult when it comes to items such as MRI machines or CT scanners, which represent large investments.

How do medical devices market doctors?

5 Ways Medical Device Firms Can Market to Busy Physicians

  1. Communicate With a Person, Not a Job Title. B2B marketing has become more personal in the past decade.
  2. Use Personalized Email.
  3. Create Buyer Personas.
  4. Get Social With Prospects and Customers.
  5. Create Compelling Case Studies.

How do medical device companies make money?

Large medical device companies are consistently profitable and typically have profit margins of 20 percent to 30 percent. Medicare pays for medical devices indirectly by reimbursing providers when they use devices in the course of delivering care to beneficiaries.

What is it called when you sell medical equipment?

Medical devices incude a number of different types of equipment doctors and surgeons use in a clinical setting. Medical device sales reps meet with doctors, surgeons, and administrators to land these contracts, as well as follow up to keep the accounts happy and profitable.

How do you promote a medical device?

Below are some secrets to marketing for medical devices effectively:

  1. Be laser focused on your most important buyers.
  2. Define the purchasing process of ideal buyers.
  3. Take advantage of blogs and premium content.
  4. Keep up-to-date on your industry to maintain an edge.
  5. Implement SEO techniques.
  6. Nurture the leads you create.

How can I be a good medical device sales?

10 Career-Making Medical Sales Tips

  1. Get to The Hospital Before The Doctors.
  2. Don’t Take a Break at Lunchtime.
  3. Get to Know the Lay of The Land.
  4. Always Keep The Patient in Mind.
  5. Know Your Products Like The Back of Your Hand.
  6. Be Responsive.
  7. Follow Through.
  8. Prepare for The Negatives.

Are medical devices subject to sales tax?

For California hospitals, sales of prescription medicines, sales of certain medical devices, as well as sales made to the U.S. Government are exempt from the sales tax.

How do I prospect a doctor?

A number of other databases exist that you should check in order to glean additional information on your prospect.

  1. WebMD. The first is the WebMD search.
  2. HIPAASpace.
  3. Medesprit.
  4. American Medical Association (AMA)
  5. Qforma’s Most Influential Doctors.
  6. UCompareHealthCare.
  7. GuideStar.

How do I convince my doctor to buy my product?

Before any visit: things Medical representative should know about:

  1. Drug information.
  2. Updated info.
  3. Competing products.
  4. Personality of the customers.
  5. The key to convince the doctor with our product.
  6. Selling skills.
  7. To make sure that you know your company well and also that the company is well known to the doctor.

How do I start a medical device sales company?

Starting a Medical Supply Business Online – A Complete Guide

  1. Conducting research to decide which products you plan to sell.
  2. Find funding to start your business.
  3. Register your business.
  4. Find an office space or warehouse.
  5. Seek out a manufacturer or medical products distributor.
  6. Find qualified employees to sell your products.

How much do medical sales reps make?

In fact, according to Med Reps’ recent salary survey, the median total compensation for a medical sales rep is $149,544, with an average base salary of $92,698 and an average bonus of $63,318 in 2018. That means an average 68 percent increase in payout simply because of commission on making sales.

How do I sell my medical devices in the US?

Bringing Medical Devices to Market in the U.S.

  1. Classify your device. The first step is to determine the type of device you’re bringing to market.
  2. Identify the correct premarket submission.
  3. Prepare the premarket submission.
  4. Submit to the FDA.
  5. Establish registration and device listing.

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