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How Do You Qualify For AFMC?


To be eligible for AFMC, candidates must have secured at least 60 percent aggregate marks in the Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Also, they must have secured 50 percent marks in English as well as 50 percent marks in each of the Science subjects. 7

Is there any fees in AFMC?

AFMC MBBS fees and allied charges is INR 83,030 for the first year. AFMC PG Diploma total fees is INR 68,000. The total AFMC Pune fees for PG Diploma in Hospital Administration is INR 68,000.

What is the salary of AFMC doctor?

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Salaries 2021, Average salary ₹26 lakhs | 6figr.

What is the purpose of AFMC?

AFMC is a research and referral centre for confirmation of disease, identification of pathogens (viral and bacterial) and classification of blood disorders. AFMC acts as a referral centre, designated by WHO for certain diseases i.e. HIV-regional laboratory and centre for rickettsial diseases.

Is it difficult to get into AFMC?

You have to score well in the NEET exam to get admission in AFMC. All my batchmates were good rankers, the last boy to get admission had a NEET score between 551–560. The cutoff for both boys and girls was 551. Although due to higher competition amongst girls, most of my batchmates had scores ranging from 590–645.

Is there any physical test for AFMC?

What are the Physical test in AFMC?? A Medical Examination will be carried out by a Board of Officers at AFMC Pune, prior to admission to the College. Medical Board will categorize the candidates as Fit and Unfit, in accordance with the prescribed standards.


Can AFMC doctor marry?

Marriage during the course is not permitted. The college is fully residential both for boys and girls.

How can I join AFMC after MBBS?

Thereafter, one must register for AFMC PG medical admission during Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) registration. On the basis of scores obtained in NEET PG, seats available, specialties selected and other details, the admission to 352 seats will be granted through AFMC PG medical admission.

Are phones allowed in AFMC?

Yes, mobile phones are allowed.

What rank are doctors in the Army?

When you join the Military, you will be commissioned as an officer. If you enter as a licensed physician, your rank will typically begin at captain or major (Army/Air Force) or lieutenant or lieutenant commander (Navy), but it may be higher depending on where you are in your career.

Is there any interview for AFMC?

The AFMC interview comprises of various parts. Once you are called for interview after qualifying the written test you need to appear for ToELR (Test of English Language and Reasoning). Nest is Psychological Test followed by a Preliminary Interview. Finally, you would appear for the Panel Interview.

Can we leave AFMC after MBBS?

Placements: After MBBS, you have a 1-year internship, and then, if you get PC, you have to serve forces for 4-years, and can do MD. Top rankers are allowed to chose tier force, and if you get SSC, you have to serve for 7 years and then can leave the force and can do MD.

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