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How Long Takes After Medical Tests For Canada Immigration?


If you’re applying as a temporary resident (visitor, student, worker), it takes about four weeks to process your medical exam results. After that, we’ll tell you what to do next. If you’re applying as a permanent resident, it takes about three months to process your results after we get them from the panel physician.

How do I know if my CIC received my medical?

You can check the status of your medical results using the check your application status tool. If you cannot see your status, and the processing time for your medical exam has passed, use our Web form to ask about the status of your case.

What is Canadian eMedical?

eMedical is the government-operated online system, designed for submitting medical reports of immigration examinations, lab reports and X-rays. All immigration applications lodged in Canada are now subject to being processed electronically. All medical reports are also submitted electronically by the Panel Physician.

Where is Ime number CIC?

What is an IME Number? Immigration Medical Exam Number is an 8-digit number that identifies your examination file. If you have filed an application to IRCC, this number can be found on the Medical Report Client Bio-data and Summary report issued to you by IRCC, accompanied by a barcode.

What are the things that would make you fail a Canadian immigration medical exam?

There are 3 possible reasons for medical inadmissibility:

  • Danger to public health.
  • Danger to public safety.
  • Excessive demand on health or social services.

How do I check my medical status?

Call Medi-Cal Directly You can also check on your Medi-Cal status by calling the Medi-Cal hotline at (800) 541-5555. If you’re outside of California, call (916) 636-1980.

How long medical exam is valid in Canada?

Your medical exam results are valid for 12 months only. If you don’t come to Canada as a permanent resident within that time, you may need to have another exam.

How can I check my biometric status?

How to check the validity of biometrics for temporary resident applications

  1. Review your previous application documents to locate your Unique Client Identifier (UCI).
  2. Click here to open the IRCC website.
  3. Click the “I Accept” button.
  4. Fill out the form (click to enlarge the picture).
  5. Click “Check Status.”

Is Canada still processing PR applications?

We’ re still accepting most permanent residence applications. Unfortunately, our ability to review and process them is still being affected by COVID-19.

How can I pass medical exam in Canada?

It’s important to tell the panel physician about any previous or existing medical conditions. The doctor or medical clinic staff will:

  1. Weigh you.
  2. Measure your height.
  3. Check your hearing and vision.
  4. Take your blood pressure.
  5. Feel your pulse.
  6. Listen to your heart and lungs.
  7. Feel your abdomen.
  8. Check how your limbs move.

Can I go to Canada with latent TB?

When you applied to come to Canada to live, work, study or visit for six months or more, you were required to have an Immigration Medical Exam (IME) by an IRCC doctor. Your IME showed that you have inactive TB or had TB disease in the past. This means you have a higher risk of getting sick with TB in the future.

How do I get IME number?

Check IMEI using a phone dialer To get your IMEI number, dial *#06#. After you type that code into your phone’s keypad, you’ll get a pop-up that has your IMEI number and other important phone information.

Who needs CIC medical?

If you’re applying to become a temporary resident of Canada, you must have a medical exam if you: want to come to Canada for more than 6 months and. have lived or travelled for 6 months in certain countries or territories in the year before you come to Canada.

What is IME number in Canada?

IME# – Immigration Medical Examination number is an 8 digit case number that identifies your examination file. If you have received the form “Medical Report Client Biodata and Summary” by email or regular mail, it is on the form accompanied by a bar code (see sample form).

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