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How Many Private Medical Colleges Are There In India?


As of now, in India, there are 183 Government Medical Colleges (24,935 seats) and 215 Private Medical Colleges (27,320 seats) functioning.

What is the largest number of medical colleges?

Karnataka tops list. India currently has 276 private medical colleges with Karnataka having the highest number with 42 colleges.

How many colleges are in UP?

Uttar Pradesh is located in northern India. The state has more than 30 universities, including 4 central universities, 20 state universities, 8 deemed universities, 2 IITs, 1 IIM in Lucknow, 1 NIT in Allahabad and several polytechnics, engineering colleges and industrial training institutes.

How many seats are in a private medical college?

At present in Government medical college MBBS student seat is about 4350,in Private medical college MBBS student seat is about 6040 and in Army control medical college MBBS seat is about 375,every year this number is changing.


How much does a private medical college cost?

According to the government’s new guidelines, private medical colleges cannot charge more than US$25,835 in admission and tuition fees over the five-year duration of the course. Of that, US$18,045 is for admission fees and US$6,231 for total tuition for the entire course.

Which country has most medical students?

In response to current and possible future concerns about doctor shortages, developed countries have started churning out more and more medical graduates. According to the OECD’s latest Health at a Glance report, Ireland has the highest number of medical graduates per 100,000 of its population at 23.7.

Which country has most medical colleges?

At 579, India has the most number of medical colleges and teaching hospitals in the world.

Which state has the highest medical college?

Indian states with the most medical colleges include Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh. States with the fewest include Manipur, Tripura, Chandigarh, Goa, and Sikkim.

How many medical colleges are there in Rajasthan?

24 Medical Colleges in Rajasthan.

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