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Is It Possible To Crack NEET In First Attempt?


The mock tests should be of the same time frame as the NEET exam. Solve previous year papers – Practicing last years’ question papers is essential for candidates aiming to crack NEET-UG in the first attempt. NEET question papers will help in understanding the level of the exam and the important topics. 6

How can I crack MBBS exam?

Here are some of the best study tips for cracking the medical entrance exams:

  1. Know the syllabus thoroughly. The first and foremost thing is to be familiar with the official syllabus of the entrance exam.
  2. Manage your Time.
  3. Solve Previous Test Papers.
  4. Eliminate Stress.
  5. Confront your fears.
  6. Stop being anxious.

What is the minimum time to crack NEET?

How Many Hours To Study Everyday For NEET? Post board exams, one needs to allocate at least 12-15 hours a day for NEET exam preparation.

How can I clear NEET exam?

If you are targeting the upcoming medical tests, go through these tips to crack NEET:

  1. Be familiar with the Syllabus.
  2. High-Quality Study Material.
  3. Create a Realistic Timetable.
  4. Prepare Notes While Learning.
  5. Revise Regularly.
  6. Maintain a Healthy Diet.
  7. Regular study breaks is a Must.
  8. Do Proper Exercise.

Can we crack NEET without preparation?

While coaching is one tool commonly used by many students, there are toppers who have cracked NEET without any coaching. With appropriate guidance, a crisp study plan, some smart-work, and a lot of diligent work, scoring high marks is totally possible.

How can I get 600+ in NEET 2022?

In order to prepare for NEET 2022, it is important to study for at least 12 hours per day. Having a 650+ in your NEET 2022 requires you to devote 50 per cent of your time in a day to study. Begin with Biology and one other subject simultaneously. Start studying your strongest topics with the most weightage.

Is aiims easy to crack?

When someone asks, “ Is it difficult to crack AIIMS,” the answer is obviously- Yes. It is the most sought-after medical entrance examination in India. But, proper strategy for AIIMS 2020 and rigorous practising can make it possible for any determined student to come out with flying colours.


How do I start preparing to be a doctor?

After completing your MBBS, you must pursue a Masters course to specialize in a field of medicine. NEET PG is the common entrance examination that will give you an entry to the various PG Diploma courses. In the Master’s program, those who take MD can become a physician while those who take MS will become surgeons.

How should I start preparing for MBBS?

6 tips to prepare for NEET or other medical exams

  1. Know the syllabus. The first and foremost thing to do is get familiar with the syllabus.
  2. Be the best in time management.
  3. Get rid of distractions.
  4. Solve previous question papers.
  5. Don’t be anxious.
  6. Get yourself a perfect diet.

Can NEET be cracked in 1 month?

Yes, can You crack neet in 1 month from zero levels? This is possible only when you have a strategy to study properly in the last 1 month. And you can get good marks in the NEET exam.

Is there anyone who cracked NEET in 1 month?

Many students usually ask “Is 30 days enough to prepare for NEET?” or “Can I crack NEET in just one month?” We definitely say “Yes! “, provided students deliver their best in the last month. Here are some of the tips to crack the NEET in just 30 days.

How can I crack NEET in 2 months?

Answer: First of all, in the process to prepare for NEET UG in 2 months, candidates must revise the NCERT concepts properly. Then, they can refer the best books for NEET 2022 for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Is NEET easy?

NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) exam is indeed one of the toughest national medical entrance exams in India. The seat vacancies are also limited as it is one of the national level entrance exams. The competition level makes it challenging.

What happens if I crack NEET?

NEET is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) each year in May while results are announced in June. Once the results are out, NEET scores of the students determine their eligibility to get a medical seat in India and their chances to get admission to a government medical university or a private medical university.

How many hours should I study for NEET 11?

Since, lakhs of students attempt for NEET every year, most of the aspirants panic regarding how many hours one should study for NEET to score well. However, if you know how to prepare for studies, and work on a time-bound routine, you can prepare for NEET studying approximately 11 to 13 hours.

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