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Is There Medical Test For IFS?


To All candidates as per list attached. Sub: Indian Forest Service Examination, 2017- Medical Examination (Part-I & II) and Walking Test regarding. must carry your original Admit Card for Medical Examination ( Part-I & II) and Walking Test.

What is the minimum height for Indian Forest Service?

There are very specific height measurements for a recruit assuming the rank of deputy range forest range officer in Karnataka. Men should measure a minimum of 163 cm (approx. 5’4”) and women, 150 cm (4’11”).

What is DFO in forest department?

A Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) (Hindi: उप वन संरक्षक) or, equivalently a Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) (Hindi: वन मण्डल अधिकारी), is an officer belonging to the Indian Forest Service (IFS).

Is height necessary for IFS?

2. Learned counsel for the respondents submitted that the minimum prescribed height for IFS for general candidate is 163 cms and the height of the applicant is only 158 cms, thus he does not satisfy the prescribed physical standard for the service and cannot be inducted thereto.

Does eyesight matter for IFS?

Indian Police Service Eyesight Requirement Distant Vision: For the better eye, the corrected vision should be 6/6 or 6/9. For the worse eye, the corrected vision should be 6/12 or 6/9. Near Vision: For the better eye, the corrected vision should be J1**. For the worse eye, the corrected vision should be J2**.

Which degree is best for IFS?

However, if you want to become an IFS officer then, of course, Bachelors in Arts would be the best option which you can have. Humanities include subjects such as history, political science, sociology and international relations to which you can have access during your graduation.


What is the salary of IFS officer?

The basic salary of an IFS officer is Rs 60,000 per month. But it can go as high as Rs 2.4 lakhs. It was also observed that the highest position one can attain is of the ambassador or the Foreign Secretary.

What are the 4 types of forest?

There are four different types of forests found around the world: tropical forests, temperate forests and boreal forests.

  • Tropical Forests:
  • Temperate Forests:
  • Boreal Forests:
  • Plantation Forests:

What is a full form of DFO?

Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) is an officer belonging to the Indian Forest Service (IFS).

Who is the shortest IAS officer?

First shortest person who is 3 feets become the first IAS officer in India. AARTI DOGRA is an IAS officer of RAJASTHAN CADRE today.

What is the duty of IFS officer?

An IFS officer deals with the external affairs of the country, which includes diplomacy, trade, and culture relations. The roles and responsibilities in the career of Indian Foreign Service Officers include framing and implementation of policies that govern India’s relations with other countries.

Does height matter in UPSC?

Physical Eligibility Criteria for UPSC IAS: There is no height, weight and chest girth minimum requirement as such for candidates for the IAS, unlike the technical services. Those who have myopia with macular degenerative changes will be declared unfit for service in the IAS.

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