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Top Medical Colleges in Kerala Amrita School of Medicine, Kochi. Calicut Medical College, Calicut. Government Medical College, Kottayam. Cochin Medical College, Kalamassery. TD Medical College. Sree Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. How many seats are there in govt medical colleges in Kerala? There are total 33 MBBSRead More →

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1 milligram (mg) is equal to 1,000 micrograms (mcg). In layman’s terms, a milligram is 1,000 times more powerful. What does mcg mean in the medical field? Also, the abbreviations “mcg” and “µg” (for microgram ) can be mistaken for “mg” (for milligram), creating a 1000-fold overdose. What is theRead More →

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Medical records are the document that explains all detail about the patient’s history, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, pre and postoperative care, patient’s progress and medication. If written correctly, notes will support the doctor about the correctness of treatment. What is included in medical records? A medical chart is aRead More →

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Which degree is required to open a medical store? Ans- The minimum requirements to open a medical shop in India is Diploma in Pharmacy after completing 12th Std in Science. After completion of your diploma in pharmacy, you’re eligible to apply for a licence for medical shop. How do IRead More →

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MD stands for doctor of medicine. MDs are allopathic doctors. That means they treat and diagnose conditions using conventional medical tools like x-rays, prescription drugs, and surgery. MDs can choose to be broad practitioners and work as family medicine or primary care doctors. Which is better MD or MS? IfRead More →

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Recoupment Fee The FDIC charges each insured bank a fee to cover its share of cost of providing deposit insurance to depositors. The Bank assesses this Recoupment fee to partially recover insurance premiums it pays to the FDIC. What is a recoupment claim? What is a claim in recoupment? ARead More →

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7 Ways to Get More Medical Billing Clients Research Competition in your Area. Offer Niche Medical Billing Services. Seek Referrals and Testimonials. Develop a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy. Hire a Content Specialist or Graphic Designer. Distribute Newsletters and Direct Mail. Implement a Nurture Campaign. How do I start my ownRead More →

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Yes, a medical practitioner can issue a medical certificate after a patient has taken sick leave, providing the certificate states: the date the certificate was issued. the period during which the practitioner believes the patient would have been unfit for work. How do I obtain medical certificate? Apply In-Person ApplyRead More →

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The Medical Licensing process can be quite lengthy and difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Expect to spend numerous hours preparing the application, making the verification requests, following up with your credential holders, and addressing deficiencies on your notices from your State Medical Board, but… How longRead More →

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A good example of this are paper explanation of benefits (EOB) forms that have been estimated to cost nearly $18,600 per physician per year in administrative fees. An electronic remittance advice (ERA) — or what is frequently referred to as the HIPAA 835 file — is essentially an electronic EOB.Read More →