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What Does DHS Mean In Medical?


Purpose. Dynamic hip screw x-ray [image from wikimedia] The Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) or Sliding Hip Screw can be used as a fixation for neck of femur fractures. This would usually be considered for fractures that occur outside the hip capsule (extracapsular), often stable intertrochaneric fractures.

What does acronym DHS stand for?

DHS usually refers to the United States Department of Homeland Security.

What is DHS surgery?

Dynamic hip screws (DHS) are a femoral head-sparing orthopedic device used to treat femoral neck fractures. It is sometimes referred to as a pin and plate.

How long does a dynamic hip screw last?

No post operative precautions that come with a total hip replacement are needed. Faster surgery than a total hip replacement means less time under anaesthetic. The fixation can last a lifetime – unlike a total hip replacement.

What does DHS stand for in education?

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Education Programs. DHS Education Programs. Department of Homeland Security.

What does DHS stand for in government?

The Department of Homeland Security has a vital mission: to secure the nation from the many threats we face.

Who is responsible for homeland security?

Alejandro Mayorkas was sworn in as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security by President Biden on February 2, 2021.

How do you do DHS?

Apply Plate

  1. Select a 4-hole DHS plate.
  2. Ensure it is sitting flush on the femur.
  3. Use the plate impactor to push DHS plate onto bone.
  4. Use a 3.2mm drill bit and universal drill guide to drill the distal hole (ensure that sitting fully on bone)
  5. Measure screw hole and insert screw.
  6. Ensure sitting on bone correctly.

What is the difference between PFN and DHS?

Conclusion: PFN is better than DHS in type II intertrochanteric fractures in terms of decreased blood loss, reduced duration of surgery, early weight bearing and mobilization, reduced hospital stay, decreased risk of infection and decreased complications.

How long is recovery from hip fracture surgery?

Most people are able to return to work 4 weeks to 4 months after surgery. But it may take 6 months to 1 year for you to fully recover. Some people, especially older people, are never able to move quite as well as they used to. You heal best when you take good care of yourself.

Why called a dynamic hip screw?

Dynamic hip screw (DHS) or Sliding Screw Fixation is a type of orthopaedic implant designed for fixation of certain types of hip fractures which allows controlled dynamic sliding of the femoral head component along the construct.

Is a dynamic hip screw an intramedullary nail?

Introduction: Dynamic Hip Screw fixation is currently considered as a standard treatment for pre -trochanteric fractures; however, due to the long-term hospitalization and some other complications, some researchers have proposed intramedullary nailing as the alternative surgical treatment.

Can you weight bear after dynamic hip screw?

You should be sat out of bed the day after the operation with assistance and a walking aid. Your doctor or physiotherapist will advise you of how much weight you can take through your operated leg, usually full weight, although this may initially be limited by pain.

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