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What Does GTT Stand For Nursing?


Abbreviation for glucose tolerance test.

What is GTT mL in medical terms?

In hospitals, intravenous tubing is used to deliver medication in drops of various sizes ranging from 10 drops/mL to 60 drops/mL. A drop is abbreviated gtt, with gtts used for the plural, often seen on prescriptions. These abbreviations come from gutta (plural guttae), the Latin word for drop.

What is meant by glucose tolerance test?

The glucose tolerance test is a method to judge how well your body is able to metabolize glucose. Glucose is the type of sugar your body uses to supply energy to its cells. Your body breaks down the food you eat into glucose that then enters your bloodstream.

What’s a GTT in pregnancy?

A Glucose tolerance test (GTT) is a way of examining how your body handles glucose. If a GTT is deemed necessary it is routinely performed at 26-28 weeks of pregnancy (earlier if you have had gestational diabetes previously).

Is GTT a drip?

A common abbreviation I’ve seen in the perioperative world is “gtt.” This shorthand is used for continuous medication drips like propofol gtt, fentanyl gtt, milrinone gtt, etc.

What is GTT drop factor?

The drop factor is the number of drops in 1 mL of solution, and is printed on the IV tubing package. Macrodrip and microdrip refers to the diameter of the needle where the drop enters the drip chamber. Macrodrip tubing delivers 10 to 20 gtts/mL and is used to infuse large volumes or to infuse fluids quickly.

How do you convert GTT min?

Formula: mL/hr X drop factor = gtt/min.


What is a flow rate in nursing?

The flow rate is the number of milliliters of fluid to administer over 1 hour. To perform this calculation, you need to know the total volume to be infused in milliliters and the amount of time for the infusion.

What does GTT mean in Guyana? The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company is a fixed Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) based in Guyana, South America.

What does GTT mean in school?

The Gateway To Technology (GTT) program addresses the interest and energy of middle school students while incorporating national standards in mathematics, science, and technology.

What is use of GTT in Zerodha?

GTT is a feature which allows you to set a trigger price, such that; if your trigger price is hit in a future date, a limit order will be placed on the exchange as per the limit price and preset conditions set by you.

What is GTT test normal range?

gtt normal value The OGTT normal range for after 2 hour test results is between 140 – 199 mg/dL for pre diabetes, 200 mg/dL or greater for diabetes and greater than 153 mg/dL for gestational diabetes.

Why GTT test is done?

The glucose tolerance test identifies abnormalities in the way your body handles glucose after a meal — often before your fasting blood glucose level becomes abnormal.

How do you take a GTT test?

For this test:

  1. DO NOT eat or drink anything (other than sips of water) for 8 to 14 hours before your test.
  2. You will be asked to drink a liquid that contains glucose (75 g).
  3. You will have blood drawn before you drink the liquid, and again 2 more times every 60 minutes after you drink it.

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