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What Does Optimal Mean In Anatomy?


Most favourable or desirable.

What is suboptimal capacity?

THE extent of suboptimal capacity, that is, the percentage of industry output produced. in suboptimal plants (SUBQ hereafter) is a very. important aspect of market performance, particu- larly for a small country like Canada.

What does suboptimal for society mean?

being below an optimal level or standard.

Which is true of something suboptimal?

Suboptimal means below the optimal (best possible) level or standard. The words optimal and optimum both describe an ideal or perfect level, degree, result, or similar thing. Suboptimal means something has fallen short of that level. It is often used in phrases like suboptimal performance and suboptimal conditions.

What is suboptimal decision?

A subset of suboptimal decision making can be characterized as making a decision to choose a low-probability but high-payoff alternative (e.g., playing slot machines or buying lottery tickets) over a high-probability, low-payoff alternative (not gambling), such that the net expected return is less than what one has

What is the meaning of optimal status?

The optimum or optimal level or state of something is the best level or state that it could achieve.

What is the meaning of optimal pH and temperature?

Optimum temperature: The temperature at which an enzyme shows its highest activity is called optimum temperature. Optimum pH: The pH at which an enzyme shows its highest activity is called its optimum pH.


What is the meaning of optimal condition?

1: the amount or degree of something that is most favorable to some end The substances were mixed in various proportions until an optimum was reached. especially: the most favorable condition for the growth and reproduction of an organism The soil condition for this crop is now at an optimum.

What is sub optimal mean?

: less than optimal: not at the best possible level suboptimal performance suboptimal conditions/results/solutions received suboptimal care … such is life at the sharp end of evolution, where the pursuit of self-interest frequently leads to suboptimal outcomes for all concerned. —

How do you use suboptimal in a sentence?

Examples of suboptimal

  1. I interpret their findings to mean that parties are not necessarily punished for pursuing suboptimal strategies.
  2. Although the levels of influenza vaccine coverage have increased in the elderly, coverage of the vaccine remains suboptimal for other high-risk conditions.

What does suboptimal mean on ultrasound?

When the scan is suboptimal, with poor quality images, the reaction of the patient is often to blame the sonographer or the equipment. 3. This reaction may be compounded when the patient receives a copy of the scan report that indicates that the scan was suboptimal because of the patient body habitus or high BMI.

What does it mean to strive for something?

1: to devote serious effort or energy: endeavor strive to finish a project. 2: to struggle in opposition: contend. Other Words from strive Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More About strive.

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