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What Does Patient Encounter Mean?


A Patient Encounter describes an interaction between a Patient and a healthcare provider. A Patient Encounter spans a period of time, the length and detail of which may vary according to local procedures and conventions.

What is Encounter diagnosis mean?

An episode defined by an interaction between a healthcare provider and the subject of care in which healthcare-related activities take place.

What is a patient encounter type?

A patient encounter is further characterized by the setting in which it takes place. Amongst them are ambulatory, emergency, home health, inpatient and virtual encounters. During the encounter the patient may move from practitioner to practitioner and location to location.

What is Encounter date in healthcare?

Definition: The documented month, day, and year the patient arrived in the outpatient setting. Consider the outpatient encounter date as the earliest documented date the patient arrived in the applicable hospital outpatient setting.

What is an encounter summary for a patient?

The Patient Visit Summary is an “end-of-visit” clinical summary report. It details everything that happened during an appointment or other encounter. The report optionally includes an overview of other patient medical information.

What is the difference between an encounter and a visit?

As verbs the difference between encounter and visit is that encounter is to meet (someone) or find (something) unexpectedly while visit is to shriek, scream, shrill, screech, squeal, squeak.

What is primary encounter diagnosis?

In the inpatient setting, the primary diagnosis is the most serious and/or resource-intensive during the hospitalization or the inpatient encounter. Many people define it as the diagnosis that “bought the bed,” or the diagnosis that led the physician to decide to admit the patient.


What is patient encounter data?

Encounter data is information submitted by health care providers, such as doctors and hospitals, that documents both the clinical conditions they diagnose as well as the services and items delivered to beneficiaries to treat these conditions.

What is an encounter claims in healthcare?

Encounter/Claims Data is defined as medical information submitted by health care providers (physicians, hospitals, Ancillaries, etc.) which documents both the clinical conditions, services and items delivered to the member to treat their conditions.

What are the types of service encounter?

A service encounter occurs every time a customer interacts with the service organization. There are three general types of service encounters – remote encounters, phone encounters, and face-to-face encounters.

What does private encounter mean?

What is a Private Encounter? A private encounter means that visitors who come to the hospital and ask for you or call to ask about you or your medical status will not be able to find out that you are in the hospital.

What is encounter information?

An episode defined by an interaction between a healthcare provider and the subject of care in which healthcare-related activities take place.

What is included in encounter data?

(The information available in the encounter data includes the beneficiary ID, claim type, organization provider number, dates of service, claim processing date, claim control number, diagnosis and procedure codes.).

What is an encounter fee?

Encounter Fee means the product of (i) the Encounter Rate, multiplied by (ii) the number of billable encounters that were posted to the Hosted Programs in the previous month.

What is the encounter date?

The encounter date tells you the date you were in contact with the person who tested positive. It is likely that they did not know they had coronavirus at the time, and only received a positive test result later.

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