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What Does PCS Mean In Nursing?


Patient classification systems (PCS), also known as patient acuity systems, are used to assist a nurse leader to determine workload requirements and staffing needs (Sullivan, 2005).

What does PCS stand for in medical terms?

Chronic pelvic pain is a very common problem in the United States. It accounts for 10 to 15 percent of referrals to gynecologists and pain clinics. For some women, the cause of their pelvic pain is a condition known as pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS).

What is the full meaning of PCS?

PCS( Provincial Civil Service ) is a state level civil service. Its employees are worked under state Government and cannot be transferred to other states. Every state has its own public service commission which organize a multi layer exam to select employees. It is also known as state civil service.

What is true of a patient classification system PCS )?

The Patient classification system (PCS), also known as patient acuity system, is a tool used for managing and planning the allocation of nursing staff in accordance with the nursing care needs. Thus, PCS is used to assist nurse leaders determine workload requirements and staffing needs.

What is functional nursing?

Functional nursing, also known as task nursing, focuses on the distribution of work based on the performance of tasks and procedures, where the target of the action is not the patient but rather the task [23].

What does AC and PC stand for in medical terms?

AC HS. Before meals and at bedtime. PC dinner. After dinner.


What does PCS stand for on Amazon?

Pcs = Pieces, 10 comes in the pack.

What does PCS stand for in cell phones?

AT&T; Digital PCS — the PCS stands for Personal Communications Services, an all-digital technology that operates at a different radio frequency than conventional, analog cellular phones — is a sharp advance over most cellular phones today.

What is PCS qualification?

The educational qualification for the PCS exam is: Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from any recognised University or equivalent qualification. There are also some post-specific PCS Exam qualifications which are given below.

What is a patient acuity tool?

The patient acuity tool Each nurse scores his or her patients, based on acuity, for the upcoming shift and relays this information to the charge nurse, who then assigns patients before the shift change. The handoff report between RNs allows each to validate patients’ current acuity and care needs.

What are the different types of patient?

5 Patient Types: Which One are You?

  • Authoritarian-Controlling.
  • Nurturing-Supportive.
  • Analytical-Intellectual.
  • Employed-Bureaucratic.

How is patient acuity level determined?

The patient acuity assessment is specific to a patient in a specific clinical area (such as the ICU) at a specific time. The number of acuity levels is driven by the span of the budgeted hours per patient day (HPPD) across the organization and the degree of acuity level variability among the patient populations.

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