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What Happens In A Medical Camp?


The main objective of a medical camp is to provide initial care to people in life-threatening conditions which reflect the unique strengths and goals of medical ethics. Other objectives are as stated below: -Provide free and high-quality medical services and full body complete medical checkup for the poor population.

How do I plan a medical camp?

How to Organize a Free Medical Camp

  1. 1 – A number of doctors required like General physicians or Specialists separately.
  2. 2 – The number of drugs required depending on how many people you are expecting.
  3. 3 – Instruments like BP apparatus, Glucometer, Glucostrips, ECG machine, Needles, spirit, cotton, etc.

What is mobile health camp?

defined, health camps (swàsthya sivir) are stationary or mobile. short-term medical interventions for target communities, generally lasting anywhere from a day to a week.1. People are becoming health conscious nowadays and desiring to become healthy too.

What are the objectives of Organising a dental camp?

The main objective of the camp is to impart education on dental issues, oral hygiene, treatments etc. There are various organizations in Bangalore which are associated with us from past few years.


What are the objectives of camping?

To provide students with a comprehensive Outdoor Education experience. To take the classroom curriculum and teach pupils environmental awareness through direct learning in the out-of-doors. To encourage students to develop problem solving skills. To encourage appropriate peer interactions.

What are the different types of camps?

Types of camp

  • Private Camps. Private Camps are set up by families or companies to run as a business, so they make money by charging parents a fee for campers to attend.
  • Single sex Camps.
  • Girl Scout Camps.
  • Underprivileged Camps.
  • Special Needs Camps.
  • Jewish Camps.
  • Christian Camps.

What is the role of mobile devices in healthcare?

These devices enable healthcare workers to connect with patient records and simplify the workflow for collecting specimens. They also improve accuracy by reducing the need to enter patient information manually. Mobile devices have improved the speed and quality of care in many ways.

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