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What Is Domiciliary Treatment In Health Insurance?


A situation where the Insured Person is in such a state that he/she cannot be moved to a hospital or the treatment is taken at home if there’s a non-availability of room in the hospital. The policyholder will be compensated for the medical expenses incurred during the policy period on the written advice of a doctor.

What is a medical domiciliary?

Domiciliary Hospitalization means medical treatment for illness/disease/injury which in the normal course would require care and treatment at a hospital but is actually taken while confined at home under any of the following circumstances.

Which of the following is not a condition of domiciliary Hospitalisation?

Conditions such as Bronchitis, Epilepsy, Asthma, Cough, Cold and Influenza, Diabetes Mellitus and Insipidus, Pyrexia of unknown origin for a period of fewer than 10 days, Chronic Nephritis, Psychiatric or Psychosomatic Disorders, Diarrhea, Dysentery, and Gastroenteritis, Arthritis, Gout, or Rheumatism, Hypertension,

What is domiciliary limit?

Domiciliary hospitalization in health insurance refers to a situation where the insured individual is considered to be hospitalized, even when at home. It is a home-based treatment that is done for a disease, illness or injury.

What is domiciliary Hospitalisation limit?

1.8 DOMICILIARY HOSPITALISATION EXPENSES means medical treatment for a period. exceeding three days for such DISEASE or INJURY which in the normal course would, require. care and treatment at the HOSPITAL but actually taken whilst confined at home in India under.

Is medico legal?

A Medico-Legal Case can be defined as a case of injury or ailment, etc., in which investigations by the law-enforcing agencies are essential to fix the responsibility regarding the causation of the injury or ailment. It may be a legal case requiring medical expertise when brought by the police for examination.

What is involved in domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is the range of services put in place to support an individual in their own home. Provided to those that require additional support with day to day household tasks, personal care or any other activity that allows them to maintain their quality of life and independent living.


What is meant by domiciliary benefits?

Domiciliary hospitalization is a benefit in many health insurance plans wherein the policyholder is considered as hospitalized even when they are getting treatment at home. Since a health insurance covers hospitalization, the insurer is bound to pay for medical treatment in such a scenario.

What does TPA mean?

TPA or Third Party Administrator (TPA) is a company/agency/organisation holding license from Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) to process claims – corporate and retail policies in addition to providing cashless facilities as an outsourcing entity of an insurance company.

What is admissible insurance amount?

Admissible Expenses. The expenses such as Room / Bed Charges, Nursing Charges; Professional charges such as Consultant, Surgeon, Anesthetist etc; and expenses for investigations, diagnostics and Laboratory; Cost of implants like Stents, Intraocular lens, Pacemaker; Medicines, Drugs, Operation Theatre Charges, etc.

What is daily hospital cash benefit?

A daily hospital cash benefit provides a lump sum amount daily in case of hospitalization and this amount can be used per the insured’s need. The money can be used for meeting additional expenses that are not covered by health insurance or for even compensating the loss of income during the period of hospitalization.

What is OPD care?

OPD means an outpatient department, where patients come to the hospital to consult their health issues with the doctor to start the treatment. Patients are not required to be hospitalized but can visit any associated facility, such as a consultation room, diagnosis, pharmacy, etc., in the hospital.

What is Ayush treatment?

What is AYUSH treatment? AYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. Under the AYUSH the person can get cover for any of these treatments which are the alternates of allopathic sciences. AYUSH is the part of the government and for its development, AYUSH ministry was formed.

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