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What Is SHAPE 1 Medical Category?


The candidate must been medical category SHAPE ONE at the time of final selection for grant of Permanent Commission. In the case of those who possess exceptional merit or those who have suffered disability owing to active service or a war casualty the medical category upto grade two, under any of the SHAPE.

What is shape in medical terms?

1. To mold to a particular form. 2. Outward form; contour.

What is full form of SHAPE?

SHAPE Full Form is Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educator Term.

What is COPE coding?

COPE coding is to be considered as an employability. restriction and in his case the COPE coding neither affects the. appointment to the rank of Maj Gen nor does it in any way. effect his working as a Maj Gen in any appointment within the. Corps of Ordnance.

What is LMC army?

These Army personnel, said to belong to the Low Medical Category (LMC), are soldiers who may have injured themselves while in service resulting in temporary or permanent disabilities or those who suffer from medical conditions including life style diseases like hypertension and diabetes which render them unfit to serve

What is Aye medical category?

Medical Board categorically opined his medical category as “AYE” meaning thereby that he was medically perfect.


What is cope code in army?

Under this policy a COPE Coding System was put in place to guide the employability of Army Officers under: (a) C – Climate and terrain restrictions (b) O – Degree of medical observation required (c) P – Physical capability limitation (d) E – Exclusive limitations as per disease.

What is Shape 1 Indian army?

The bench noted that SHAPE-1 has a “specific meaning” – ‘S’ donates the physiological features including cognitive function abnormalities, ‘H’ stands for hearing, ‘A’ for appendages, ‘P’ for physical capacity and ‘E’ for eye-sight. PTI.

What does shape America stand for?

SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Educators serves as the voice for 200,000+ health and physical education professionals across the United States. Since its founding in 1885, the organization has defined excellence in physical education.

What does shapes stand for in skin?

When I taught my students at the Aveda Institute, I used the acronym SHAPES to teach them to remember the functions of the skin: Sensation. Heating & Cooling (Temperature Regulation) Absorption. Protection.

What is the full form of Gfo?

GFO Stands For: Government Furnished Office.

What does P3 mean in medical terms?

P3 or T3: delayed care – needs medical treatment but this can safely be delayed. Colour code green. Dead is a fourth classification and is important to prevent the expenditure of limited resources on those who are beyond help.

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