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What Medical Tests Should Be Done Before Marriage?


There are essentially seven medical tests that a couple should undergo before getting married.

  • HIV Test. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes AIDS and weakens the body’s ability to fight infections.
  • Ovary Test.
  • Infertility Test.
  • Genetic Test.
  • STD Test.
  • Blood Group Compatibility Test.
  • Blood Disorder Test.

Why did couples get blood tests before marriage?

Actually, the blood test was about public health, usually to monitor for rubella (German measles) and syphilis. Several states also screened for gonorrhea and tuberculosis, and previously ordered HIV tests, for those getting married.

How can I test a girl before marriage?

Here are 4 tests you should do before your marriage.

  1. HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) tests. HIV, hepatitis B and C are conditions that last lifelong and if not properly managed, can strain the marriage.
  2. Blood Group compatibility test.
  3. Fertility test.
  4. Genetic or chronic medical conditions testing.

What is the blood test before marriage?

Premarital screening is a group of tests recommended for couples that are going to get married, to prevent as much as possible transmitting disease to their offspring. Premarital or preconception tests include testing for genetic, infectious and blood transmitted diseases.

Do any states still require blood tests for marriage?

Only one state, Montana, still requires a blood test for a marriage license; other states have eliminated the requirement that couples be tested for certain diseases before they marry.

When did blood tests for marriage stop?

It ended in 1980.

What’s the difference between marriage license and marriage certificate?

A marriage license is a legal document obtained by a couple prior to marriage. Once the license is signed (during or after your ceremony) and returned by an officiant to the county, a marriage certificate is issued. A marriage license is what you get first, and it’s basically an application to be married.


Do marriage licenses expire?

Typically, your marriage license will expire 30 days after it is issued. If this happens, don’t panic; you can apply for a new one. However, most states imply a waiting period from the date of the issuance of your marriage license until the date of your actual ceremony.

When did Illinois stop blood tests for marriage?

In 1937, we were among the first states to require actual blood tests marriage licenses, for sexually transmitted diseases. In 1988, HIV blood testing was added as a requirement for an Illinois marriage license. That only lasted until 1989, when all blood testing for marriage licenses was abolished.

What should a bride say before marriage?

Arranged Marriage: What to Ask a Girl in the First Meeting

  • Ice breaker questions.
  • Show interest in career and education goals.
  • Her marriage expectations.
  • Ask about duties towards her parents.
  • Ask about her lifestyle.
  • Ask about her choice of clothing.

What are the 3 most important things in a marriage?

Below are the three most important ones:

  • Commitment: Commitment is more than just wanting to stay together for a long time.
  • Love: While most couples start out their relationships being in love, sustaining that feeling for each other takes effort, sacrifice, and generosity.

How long should you wait to get married?

A study found that waiting a bit to get married can decrease the likelihood you’ll get divorced. Specifically, waiting three years or more decreases the likelihood of divorce by 50%. But there’s no one-size-fits-all amount of time — couples who waited until they knew each other “very well” had the same outcome.

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