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What Odpc Means?


ODPC. Office of Disability Prevention for Children.

What is BDPC in prescription?

BDPC – Refers to twice a day after meals. ODPC- Refers to once in a day after meals. TDPC – Refers to thrice a day after meals.

What is OD Tablet?

OD Tablet is a Tablet manufactured by HOPE LIFE. It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of esophageal mucosal injury, gastrin-secreting tumor, gastric ulcer. It has some side effects such as Diarrhea,Atrophic gastritis,Blurred vision,Dizziness.

What is the meaning of BBF in medical prescription?

BBF Stands For: boot and bottle fight.


What is the meaning of BD AC?

The full form of the medical term bdac is bis die ante cibum which means twice daily before meals.

What is BD relationship?

So you take to your trusty search engine and find that The Bump defines BD as baby daddy, or the biological father of a woman’s child. So now that you know what it means, how do you determine if your partner is one.

What is the use of stamina OD Tablet?

Stamina OD Tablet is a combination that is used to regain stamina. It acts as a nutritional supplement that boosts immunity, improves eye health and is good for geenral physiological functions.

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