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Which Country Is No 1 In Medical Facilities?


1 – Spain. Coming in at number one is Spain. The country has an excellent healthcare system, with high quality care offered in both the public and private sector. Researchers have also cited the Mediterranean diet as one of the reasons for Spain’s top ranking.

Who is the unhealthiest country?

The Czech Republic The Czech Republic is the unhealthiest country in the world, with nation’s citizens emerging as some of the heaviest drinkers. Each person drinks 13.7 liters ( the equivalent of 550 shots) of alcohol per year on average.

Who is the best doctors in the world?

Here is a list of the 10 best doctors in the world:

  1. Dr. William A. Abdu, M.D, M.S. Dr.
  2. Dr. Myles. B. Abbott, M.D.
  3. Dr. Fouad. M. Abbas, M.D.
  4. Dr. Khalid Abbed, M.D. Dr. Khalid is a famous doctor of Neuro.
  5. Dr. Naresh Trehan. Dr.
  6. Dr. Arthur Reese Abright, M.D. Dr.
  7. Dr. Corrie T.M Anderson, M.D. Dr.
  8. Dr. Mark. F.

Which country eats the most junk food?

Here now is a list of the top 10 countries that consume the most fast food or junk food in the world.

  1. 1 United States. The United States eats the most fast food in the world.
  2. 2 France. France is known for its fine dining ways.
  3. 3 Canada.
  4. 4 United Kingdom.
  5. 5 South Korea.
  6. 6 Japan.
  7. 7 Austria.
  8. 8 Germany.

What country food is the healthiest?

1. Spain. There must be something in the paella, because Spain is officially the healthiest country in the world. Citizens put an emphasis on freshness and locality when it comes to cuisine, with diets focused on olive oil, fresh vegetables, lean meats, and red wine.

Which country has the best scientists 2020?

Scientists from the United States continue to dominate the list with 614 scholars included in 2021 which represents 61.4% of the whole ranking. Similarly to the situation in 2020, 8 out of 10 scientists in the top 1% are from the United States (the other two are from Canada and United Kingdom).

Which country has best science?

South Korea The country has approximately 32 per cent of its STEM degrees and claims to be the most scientifically educated country. Here is a list of top 10 institutes in South Korea for life sciences research: Seoul National University. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Which country is good at science?

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) most recent Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard, South Korea still claims the title of being the world’s most science-educated country with 32 percent of its degrees being granted in STEM fields.

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