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Why Did You Choose Medical Profession?


A career in medicine is one of the oldest and most respected professions; it allows you the potential to impact human life in a way that is truly unique and the job satisfaction you get is unparalleled. A field in which one needs to put others first, medicine is truly a service and not just a profession.

Why did you choose the medical field for your career path?

HERE ARE TEN REASONS WHY THE HEALTH CARE FIELD IS AN EXCELLENT CAREER CHOICE: A Career in Demand: Since the health care industry is growing, all the careers related to health care are in demand. Good Pay: The pay in the health care industry is good, and it comes with multiple benefits and facilities.

What quality should a doctor have?

Professionalism While a very noble field, being a doctor is still first and foremost a job, and as such being professional is vital. That means remaining polite, courteous, attentive and well presented.

Why being a doctor is great?

By becoming a doctor, you take away the pain and sufferings of others by giving them medical treatment and healthcare. As a doctor, you are a continuous source of happiness for many people and their families. When you give happiness to others, you are the happiest person of the moment. If you don’t believe it, try it.

Why is it important to plan a health career?

Planning for a career in healthcare is more important now than ever. Taking time to understand options and trends that can affect future job opportunities as well as personal needs and goals will lead to more possibilities to build a rewarding healthcare career, not just find a short-term job.

Why do you love working in healthcare?

I love the healthcare field because there is nothing more rewarding than being able to provide help to those in need, to have the purpose to serve others and save/preserve life is the most amazing profession. I love healthcare because I love being able to make someone’s day and help them through trying times!!

What influenced me to become a doctor?

“My decision to become a doctor was driven largely by values instilled in me by my faith and my family. The idea of being a part of a profession focused on helping others regardless of circumstance, focused on facilitating people leading healthier and therefore happier lives … I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job.”


What qualities make a good medical student?

What are the competencies?

  • Service Orientation.
  • Social Skills.
  • Cultural Competence.
  • Teamwork.
  • Oral Communication.
  • Ethical Responsibility to Self and Others.
  • Reliability and Dependability.
  • Resilience and Adaptability.

What kind of person becomes a doctor?

Traits-wise, being a doctor requires someone who has 1) high intellectual fortitude, 2) natural desire to learn, 3) strong passion for medicine, and 4) integrity of character. Now, having said all that, different personality types are drawn to different medical specialties.

How can I be the best doctor in the world?

Read on to discover the attributes that make a great doctor.

  1. You’re not afraid to admit gaps in your knowledge.
  2. You’re not just book smart.
  3. You’re a good listener and observer.
  4. You’re relentless.
  5. You have faith in your own judgment.

What is the main purpose of a doctor?

Physicians work to maintain, promote, and restore health by studying, diagnosing, and treating injuries and diseases. Physicians generally have six core skills: Patient care. Physicians have to provide compassionate, appropriate, and effective care to promote health and treat health problems in their patients.

What is the importance of doctor in our life?

Doctors are responsible for increased life expectancy and improved well-being in society. People who survive diseases such as cancer usually owe their survival to doctors, whose skills and dedication are vital for their cure.

Can I be a doctor if I’m not smart?

1. I am not smart enough. If you can successfully make it through college then you are capable of succeeding in medical school. As much as society places doctors on an intellectual pedestal, many if not most physicians at one point or another also questioned if they were smart enough to become a doctor.

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