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Can BDS Become Medical Officer?


Having a distinctive approach, a BDS to MBBS Bridge course allows Dental Science graduates to practice as general physicians in various hospitals, clinics, and organizations across India. On successful completion of this course, the graduates are required to spend at least 3 years in rural areas compulsorily. 5

How can I become a government doctor after BDS?


  1. Army Dental Corps.
  2. Territorial Officer in Indian Army.
  3. Joining Indian Navy & Airforce as a contractual dental officer.
  4. UPSC Exams with a chance to join the Indian Civil Service ( IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, etc.)
  5. State Govt.
  6. Joining Indian Railway as a Dentist.

Can I become CMO after BDS?

Graduate degrees Many future CEOs enter graduate school for an advanced degree in their favorite field or for a business management degree. An MBA is a common graduate degree held by CEOs. Electives such as strategic management, organizational theories, and managerial economics also prepare potential CEOs.

Can we shift from BDS to MBBS?

Yes, there is a bridge course from BDS to MBBS, Public Universities are starting with the course. Public Universities will also be allowed to provide the option of a Bridge Course. After completion of BDS, this bridge is expected to be three years in duration.

What is the salary of government BDS Doctor?

The average Government Dental College And Hospital salary ranges from approximately ₹3.7 Lakhs per year for a Dental Surgeon to ₹ 3.7 Lakhs per year for a Dental Surgeon.


How much can I earn after BDS?

Initially a fresher dentist may not earn much as they will be working under a senior dentist or as a college tutor. But, as the experience increases, a dentist will start earning well. Initially the salary maybe around 20,000 – 30,000 per month. Experienced dentists may earn around 50,000 – 1,50,000.

Is BDS easier than MBBS?

MBBS and BDS are equally difficult and equally easy. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Whereas after BDS you become a dentist, and a super specialist after MDS. If you don’t want to go for higher studies after MBBS then you should choose BDS.

Can we become surgeon after BDS?

Yes, you can do by doing post graduate in oral surgery and then super specialization in cosmetic surgery. The average pay for a Physician / Doctor, Plastic Surgeon is approximately Rs 1,200,000 per year.

Do dentists wear stethoscopes?

Yes, dentists wear stethoscopes for a number of reasons. If the patient has to have surgery of any kind, the dentist needs to wear a stethoscope to check blood pressure. Interestingly, while dentist only look at teeth, the whole body can affect our oral health. Yes, dentists wear stethoscopes for a number of reasons.

How can I earn money after BDS?

Many corporate companies and government sectors are looking for master’s in public health.

  1. A career in Teaching- Become a Lecturer:
  2. Kick-start your own Dental Clinic after BDS:
  3. A career as a Dentist Overseas:
  4. A career in Mission Gulf Countries.
  5. Government Job as a Dentist after BDS.
  6. Join the Army Dental Corps after BDS.

Is BDS is tough?

Being a full time dentist is not easy. Its perhaps one of the most toughest courses. BDS lasts for around 4 years plus one year of internship. The journey from BDS to MDS is not only tough but costly also.

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