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Can I Get Medicine In Train?


Train passengers can contact helpline number 138 through their mobile phones in case of medical emergency or inform onboard ticket checker for arranging medical assistance. All passenger trains are provided with first aid boxes containing essential drugs and dressing materials.

How do you get tablets on a train?

Medical Emergency in the Train Train Passengers Can Dial 138 for Medical Emergency. Contact the TTE or any on-board staff. They inform the next station and then the information is immediately passed on to the station where the nearest Railway Hospital is available.

Is there any doctor in train?

At present, the railways does not post doctors even on its premium Rajdhani trains, and passengers who need urgent medical help have to wait till the train reaches a station that has a railway doctor. At best, the ticket examiner or conductor can inform the guard, who passes on the message to the driver of the train.

How can I get help from railway?

All Railway Passenger in any situation can dial 182 Toll Free RPF Helpline for providing quick help including medical help. For Getting help passengers must mention PNR and Contact Number with detailed description.

How can I call doctor in train?

Train passengers can contact helpline number 138 through their mobile phones in case of medical emergency, Rajya Sabha was told today.

Can we carry oxygen cylinder in train?

Oxygen cylinder with its supporting stand with patients under medical certificate can be permitted to be carried in all classes. Free allowance of luggage will be granted on oxygen cylinder and its supporting stand. The minimum charge for luggage is Rs.


How do you book a train stretcher?

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit
  2. Select E-Wheelchair under ‘Service at Stations’
  3. Click on ‘e-Wheelchair’
  4. Enter your PNR no. and click on ‘Search’
  5. Enter required details, then click on ‘Book’
  6. You will get the complete booking details.

Is first aid available in train?

Ministry of Railways is providing the First Aid emergency care & medical facilities at all Railway Stations and in all passenger carrying trains for which Medical Boxes containing wide range of medicines, dressing materials, consumables, oxygen cylinder and delivery kit.

How can I check my train timing?

If you want to know of the arrival time or departure time of the train, do send an SMS to 139 in the format “AD ”. Within few minutes, the exact time related enquiry of the train will get back to the same number through which the message is been sent.

How do I complain about a train delay?

Passengers can lodge their complaints and suggestions on the webpage One can also download the mobile App from the URL for registering complaints and sending suggestions. Passengers can also SMS their complaints to the number: 9717630982.

How can I complain about railway staff?

The passengers can also file their complaints and suggestions on the web page The passengers can also SMS their complaints on mobile number +91-9717630982. Also present on the occasion were, Chairman, Railway Board, Shri A.K.

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