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How Can I Check My Medical Report In Saudi Arabia?


Check medical report for Iqama online through MOH Once the website is opened, you need to enter the Border Number and the Sponsor ID to check the status of the medical test report for Saudi Iqama online.

How can I check my Iqama medical report?

You can now check your Efada medical report online by visiting the Efada service page on the MoH website. To perform the Efada medical test for Iqama issuance, go to the nearest approved hospital or polyclinic and bring the following: Copies of Passport Including Visa Page. A passport size photograph.

How do I get my Gamca medical report online?

How Can I check Gamca medical status online?

  1. Open google and search for Gamca or Gcchmc.
  2. Click on the official website of Gamca which is –
  3. At menu bar click on check candidate status.
  4. Enter your passport number and nationality and click on generate.

What are the medical tests for Saudi Iqama?

The various blood tests that are required for your Saudi visa are:

  • HIV.
  • Syphilis/VDRL.
  • A full Hepatitis B profile.
  • Hepatitis C Abs.
  • Urinalysis.
  • Malarial Abs.
  • Bilharzia Abs.
  • Liver function tests.

What is a medical report?

A medical report is a comprehensive report that covers a person’s clinical history. A medical report is a vital piece of evidence that can validate and support your claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

How can I check my Covid 19 test result in Saudi Arabia?

Steps to complete the service

  1. Click Sehaty App link on Google Play or Apple Store.
  2. Download Sehaty App.
  3. Type in your information.
  4. Book your appointment.
  5. Go to your appointment at the time and location you booked.
  6. You will receive your COVID-19 test result via the app or text message.

How can I check my Iqama status online?

You can check your Iqama status online by following a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the KSA Ministry of Interior.
  2. Change the language to English, if you cannot read Arabic.
  3. Go to the “Passports” section, from the menu tabs.
  4. Click on “Query Iqama Expiry Service” in the dropdown list.

How can I check my Iqama status for the first time?

Click on “E-Services” from the menu tabs at the top of the MOI’s site home page to view the various online services offered by the Ministry. View the online Iqama status service. Select “Passport” from the left menu panel and choose “Query Iqama Expiry Service” from the sub-list. Check your Iqama validity.

What is Baladiya in Saudi?

Baladiyah (Arabic: بلدية‎) is a type of Arabic administrative division that can be translated as “district”, “sub-district” or “municipality”. The plural is baladiyat (Arabic: بلديات‎).

How can I check my medical report in Kuwait?


  1. Visit the Office of Medical Reports and Commissions in the hospital administration concerned and submit the required documents.
  2. Fill the service application form.
  3. Receive the report at the specified date in person.

What is the validity period of Gamca medical report?

Validity of GAMCA medical test The GAMCA medical test validity period for Saudi Arabia is only 3 months. It means you need to stamp your visa on passport within 90 days of issuance of such a medical test report.

What is Gamca test?

GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical centers Association) is an association created to provide medical examinations to expatriates intending to join the Labor Market in the GCC countries.

How long does it take to get an Iqama in Saudi?

The Iqama normally takes 1-3 weeks to be issued. The employee should carry the Iqama with them at all times as it proves they have the legal right to live and work in Saudi Arabia.

What are the types of Iqama?

What are the types of iqama in Saudi Arabia?

  • Domestic Worker Iqama.
  • Labor Class Iqama.
  • Professional Class Iqama.
  • Dependents Iqama.
  • Government employees Iqama.
  • Businessmen Iqama.
  • Special Privileged Iqama or Green Card.

How can I get Saudi Iqama?

What Documents are Required for Iqama Application?

  1. Valid Passport (Original and copy) of the employee.
  2. Their Saudi entry visa page.
  3. 2-4 passport sized, colour photos, against a white background.
  4. Passport sized photos of the employer.
  5. Medical check-up reports.
  6. Completed Iqama application form.

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