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How Can I Get Medical Shop License In Tamilnadu?


Documents Required

  1. Covering letter to the Assistant Director of Drugs Control of the Concerned zone.
  2. Form 19.
  3. Authorization document signed by the authorized signatory.
  4. Declaration form duly signed and filled by the applicant, pharmacist or the competent person.
  5. Details of premises.

How can I get shop Licence in Chennai?

Documents required for the registration under Shop and Establishment Act.

  1. Pan Card Of Private Limited Company.
  2. Incorporation Certificate Of Company.
  3. Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Article of Association (AOA) (In case of the private limited company)
  4. Form 18.
  5. Form 32.
  6. Id And Address Proof Of All Directors.

How do I open a chemist shop?

The following are minimum requirements for obtaining drug license or starting a pharmacy in India:

  1. Area: The minimum area of 10 square meters is required to start a medical shop or pharmacy or wholesale outlet.
  2. Storage Facility: The store must have a refrigerator & air conditioner in the premises.
  3. Technical Staff:

What is the qualification for medical shop?

Ans- The minimum requirements to open a medical shop in India is Diploma in Pharmacy after completing 12th Std in Science. After completion of your diploma in pharmacy, you’re eligible to apply for a licence for medical shop.

What is drug license number?

A Product Licence Number (or PL code for short) is a unique identifier on the packaging of medicines, used to uniquely identify the product.

How can I apply for trade license?

Documents required for applying for Trade license

  1. Address proof of the business.
  2. ID proof of the applicant.
  3. Aadhaar card.
  4. PAN of the individual in case of proprietorship, else PAN of the firm of company.
  5. Memorandum of Association (MOA) in case of Companies.
  6. Certification of incorporating in case of Companies.

Is trade license mandatory in Chennai?

For setting up and operating any commercial establishment in Chennai, it is mandatory to avail a trade licence. This is issued by the licensing department which is authorised and governed by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC).


Is the pharmacist a doctor?

Pharmacists are doctors. However, they are indeed doctors. As of the year 2004, a doctor of pharmacy degree (Pharm. D.) is required to sit for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy exams. And passage of said exams is required to work as a pharmacist and dispense medications in the United States.

Can I rent my pharmacy license?

Renting out registration certificate to others is illegal and has been bringing a bad name to the industry, but pharmacists say they are left with little choice and have to do it out of desperation for money. People who are renting out their registration certificate have a proper job and are not jobless.

Is owning a pharmacy profitable?

That’s about 23,000 pharmacies. In addition, a 2013 study claimed that the average owner of an independent pharmacy was expected to take home roughly $247,000 a year. Those findings taken together suggest that for many, owning a pharmacy continues to be a profitable venture.

Which course is best for medical shop?

Pharm is the best course for you after 12th. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy education. The students those are interested in the medical field (except to become a doctor) can choose this course after the completion of class 12th (PCM/B).

How can I become a drug inspector?

Selection Process to Become a Drug Inspector

  1. The first step in becoming a drug inspector is to get a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.
  2. The second step would be getting a master’s degree in Pharmacy.
  3. The next step would be appearing in the entrance exams conducted by the UPSC and various SPSCs when there are vacancies.

Can MBBS doctor open medical store?

6.3 Running an open shop (Dispensing of Drugs and Appliances by Physicians): – A physician should not run an open shop for sale of medicine for dispensing prescriptions prescribed by doctors other than himself or for sale of medical or surgical appliances.

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