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How Can I Print My ESIC Medical Acceptance Card?


How to Download ESI Medical Acceptance Card Online

  1. Step 1: Login to ESIC Employer Portal.
  2. Step 2: Under employee, you can find print counter foil link.
  3. Step 3: Now, you need to enter ESIC IP number of the insured person and click on the print counter foil.
  4. Step 4: Now employee print counterfoil screen will be displayed.

How can I download ESIC 7B form?

Step 1:- To download ESIC form 7B login to employer portal with their establishment code and password at Step 2:- After login to this portal, now click on print counter foil under employee. Step 3:- Now enter ESIC IP number of the insured person and click on the print counter file.

What is medical acceptance card ESIC?

ESI 7b form is also called as ESI medical acceptance card it is a request type of form of insured person or employee who wants to include him/her under particular of the doctor for treatment in ESIC hospital.

What is Form 7A in ESIC?

Form ESIC- MED 37/ESIC-MED 7A. BRO-266. This is a certificate for continuing in employment or re-employment and an application for acceptance of medical treatment. Documents to be submitted along with the forms. 1) Temporary Identity Card.

How do I download my ESIC medical card?

How to apply/download for ESIC E pehchan card

  1. Login to the ESIC portal with your user credentials provided to you by ESIC during ESIC registration.
  2. Under the employee section on ESIC site, click on “e-pehchan card“
  3. You need to select the unit details for your organization to view employee details.

What is the use of Form 37 in ESIC?

ESIC form 37 is called reemployment or continuing employment it is a declaration by employer W.R.T employee reemployment or continuity of the employment within the time of insurable contribution that to be submitted on demand by regional/local (employee insurance corporation )ESIC office.

How can I get Form 37 online esic?

How to Fill ESIC Form 37

  1. Field 1: Write the name and address of your current employer.
  2. Field 2: Write the address and ESIC code number of your current employer. (
  3. Field 3: Write the employee name.
  4. Field 4: Write father name of the employee.
  5. Field 5: Write the ESIC IP number of the employee.

Why ESI is deducted?

After the commencement of a contribution period, even if the gross salary of an employee exceeds Rs. 21,000 monthly, the employee continues to be covered under ESI scheme till the end of that contribution period. The contribution is deducted on the new salary.

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