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How Do I Get My Bill From MedPlus?


If you are an existing customer of MedPlus and have a store issued MedPlus Card or ID, by creating an online account and registering your card, you will be able to view and print all your previous bills and conveniently reorder from them.

Is MedPlus Mart genuine?

With over 1800 pharmacy stores and omni-channel service, MedPlus is trusted by over 3 lakh customers daily across 7 states in India. Regardless of how you shop at MedPlus, be assured that we will continue to offer you high quality and genuine products, stored and handled in optimal conditions at attractive discounts.

How do I check my MedPlus points?

You can check your points balance and manage your account at or by visiting any Medplus store and asking the store assistant for the details. Alternatively, You can call our customer care at 040 6700 6700 to know your points balance.

How do I cancel an order on MedPlus?

In order to cancel your order

  1. Log into your MedPlus Lab account and go to ‘My orders’.
  2. Identify the order you wish to cancel and click on ‘View Order’.
  3. You will notice an ‘Edit’ link against the order.
  4. Select the tests you wish to cancel and click on ‘Cancel Selected Items’.

How long does 1mg take to deliver?

You can choose to have items picked up, packed and delivered in three options— within 24 hours, within 4-5 hours or within 90 minutes. Delivery rates for each option differ and you are charged on basis of weight too. You can choose a desired pick-up time and track the package on the app.

Can we return Medicine on Pharmeasy?

All the healthcare products ordered from the Platform can be returned within 2 days from the date of delivery. If the product has been tampered with; If the product packaging and/or packaging box and/or packaging seal has been tampered with.


Who is the largest pharmacy chain in India?

Apollo Pharmacy It is India’s first and largest branded pharmacy network, with over 3500 outlets in about 400 cities in key locations.

Who owns MedPlus India?

MedPlus was founded by Madhukar Gangadi.

How can you tell the difference between original and duplicate medicine?

Here are some ways in which you can ascertain their authenticity:

  1. Check the seal. The security seal, especially in bottled medicines, should not be damaged or tampered.
  2. Check the packaging.
  3. Visual inspection of medicines.
  4. Price.
  5. Unexpected side-effects or allergies.
  6. Verify authenticity by sending SMS.

How do I complain to MedPlus?

Complaint Status Kindly share us your details (registered mobile number/ medplus customer id) to [protected]@medplusindiacom (or) [protected] so that will check and assist you accordingly.

How can I return unused medicine in India?

Return Unwanted Medicines

  1. Go to the areas in your home where you store medicines. Read the labels, check expiry dates and review all medicines.
  2. Remove all of your unwanted medicines from your home medicine area and place them in a bag or container.
  3. Return your unwanted medicines to your local pharmacy.

What do you do with old medicines in Australia?

The only safe way to dispose of these unwanted medicines is through the Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) scheme. Participating community pharmacies have special bins where consumers can dispose of their unwanted medicines.

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