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How Do I Get My KCET Medical Seats?


For medical admissions through KCET you need to appear to in NEET and have a valid neet scorecard and based on your score you will get seat in medical and dental college in Karnataka.

What is the best way to prepare for KCET?

The following tricks will assist in a smooth KCET exam preparation which will eventually help to nail a good score.

  1. Thorough the syllabus.
  2. Focus on important chapters.
  3. Prepare a study plan.
  4. Regular revision.
  5. Keep your facts clear.
  6. Solve previous year papers and mock tests.
  7. Time management.

How long does it take to prepare for KCET?

Candidates are advised to start preparation for KCET at least 3 months before the exam date to score well in the exam. The last 1 month before KCET entrance date can be reserved for revision.

Is CET enough for MBBS?

Nope, it’s not required. Admission will be done through NEET- UG.

What is a good score in KCET?

What is a good score in KCET 2021? A. Score of 120+ marks can be considered as a good score in KCET 2021.

What is the minimum marks to qualify in KCET?

Minimum Score: In order to gain the government seats in KCET, candidates must secure 12 marks out of a total of 50 marks in the test.

How do you get below 500 rank in KCET?

Marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects of KCET. Marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects of Class 12th. Since your board marks are pretty good so according to the previous years cutoff trends inorder to get a rank below 500 you should score atleast above 100 marks out of 180.

How can I get good rank in KCET?

Look over the tips & tricks to score more than 150 marks in KCET:

  1. Prioritise KCET Important Topics. Some chapters in KCET 2021 exam have heavy weightage.
  2. Get your Concepts clear.
  3. Refer the best KCET Study Material.
  4. Attempt KCET Previous Year Question Paper.
  5. Seek Expert Guidance.
  6. Timely Assessment.

Can I prepare for KCET in 10 days?

Some of the tips for you to clear kcet and the strategy you should go for exam in last 10 days are: Focus on the topics which carries more weightage in the exam. Solve previous year papers to understand the exam pattern and to know the level of the exam.

How much should I score in KCET to get a rank below 1000?

There are many factors which determines the rank and it changes every year. But for a round figure, If you have taken the exam in 2018, to make your rank lie under the 1000, a candidate may need to get around 130–160 Marks in KCET and around 90–95% in 12 Boards.

Which coaching is best for KCET?

Top KCET Online Coaching

  • E. Elite IIT Jayanagar & Malleshwaram. Verified.
  • E. Elite IIT Jayanagar. Verified.
  • I. Ideal Centre For Educare. Verified.
  • S. Sanjeev Academy. Verified.
  • T. Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • E. Excel Acadamics. Verified.
  • G. GIRAFFe. Verified.
  • S. Summit Careers. Verified.

Can we write only PCB in KCET?

Yes, of course you can choose only PCB in KCET, if you are from Medical/Biology stream. There is no necessity that you have to write Mathematics Exam also. If you want to get a seat in any medical field then you must go with the PCB.

Is CET exam compulsory for medical?

Dear Ajit, any admission process which would take place would be based on your NEET marks only. So no need of any worries. Just focus on your exams and give it your best.

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