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How Many Marks Are Required In NEET For AIIMS?


Answer. As per the latest AIIMS MBBS cut-offs, candidates belonging to General category are required to score at least 50% marks in AIIMS MBBS entrance exam, while those belonging to OBC category need to score at least 45% and SC/ST candidates are required to score at least 40% in order to qualify the exam.

How can I clear AIIMS entrance exam?

Below we have tried to provide some of the preparation tips for AIIMS MBBS exam for the candidates.

  1. Adopt Smart way of Study.
  2. Understanding Concepts.
  3. Revision.
  4. Time Management.
  5. Practice Previous Years Question Papers.

Is it easy to crack AIIMS?

When someone asks, “ Is it difficult to crack AIIMS,” the answer is obviously- Yes. It is the most sought-after medical entrance examination in India.

Is biology Ncert enough for aiims?

For getting admission into government medical colleges, preparing from the NCERT books will be enough, assures the topper. According to them, AIIMS preparation using NCERT books is no doubt the best resource but not the ultimate. There are questions based on theoretical explanations in the question paper.

Can we crack aiims in 1 month?

Now the situation and competition are tougher and students are naturally asking how to crack AIIMS in 1 month. When there is only a month left, there is no time for procrastination. Nothing short of summing up the whole syllabus and revising all that is learnt will make AIIMS preparation in 1 month successful.

How do you pass NEET in first attempt?

How to crack NEET 2022 in first attempt: Study and Examine

  1. Comprehensive Study- Try to make notes of each and every topic that are being covered to understand it better. This will be beneficial at the time of revision.
  2. Evaluate your performance- Take some time out to revise the topics.

Where is Nishita Purohit now?

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) declared the result of MBBS examination and 18-year-old Nishita Purohit from Surat (Gujarat) has secured AIR 1. Her father is an IIT alumnus and is currently the president of a private firm in Odisha. Her mother is a homemaker who has done graduation in pharmacy.

Can I crack aiims in first attempt?

AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam is the gateway to admission to AIIMS campuses across India. It’s one of the toughest exams, but aspirants can crack it in the first attempt with right preparation and dedication.

How tough is aiims entrance?

AIIMS MBBS is considered to be the toughest entrance examination in the country. Students found physics portion the toughest and chemistry the easiest of all. Kashish, 17, who was a medical student at DAV School, BRS Nagar, had secured 96.8% in XII CBSE.

What is the salary of aiims doctor per month?

Average AIIMS Doctor salary in India is ₹ 9.2 Lakhs for less than 1 to 12 years of experience. Doctor salary at AIIMS ranges between ₹1 Lakhs to ₹ 20.4 Lakhs. According to our estimates it is 53% more than the average Doctor Salary in India.

Is aiims tougher than NEET?

While NEET covers Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, AIIMS-MBBS -in addition to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology- includes General Knowledge, Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. Since AIIMS-MBBS has additional sections of GK, Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning, it is considered tougher than NEET.

Is there any dress code in aiims Delhi?

While AIIMS does not specify any particular dress, it is expected that you would dress appropriately for the local weather. Please note that hats, caps, scarfs, and similar headgear as well as goggles, thick-soled footwear and large metallic buttons are prohibited.

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