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Is Tata Cancer Hospital Free In Kolkata?


Tata Memorial in Kolkata offers free treatment to underprivileged people suffering from cancer, along with care and medicines on subsidized rates to others.

Is Tata cancer Hospital free?

Nearly 60% of these cancer patients receive primary care at the Hospital of which over 70% are treated almost free of any charges. Over 1000 patients attend the OPD daily for medical advice, comprehensive care or for follow-up treatment.

Which hospital is best for cancer treatment in Kolkata?

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Kolkata

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata.
  • Fortis Hospital (Anandapur) Kolkata.
  • HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata.
  • Calcutta Medical Research Institute, Kolkata.
  • AMRI Hospital, Kolkata (Dhakuria)
  • Ruby General Hospital, Kolkata.

Which hospital is best for cancer treatment in India?

Top 10 cancer specialty hospitals in India

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
  • The Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai.
  • Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai.
  • The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Delhi.

How much does chemo cost in India?

The average cost of chemotherapy in India is approximately Rs. 75,600. However, the prices may vary depending upon the hospitals in different cities.

Can I get free cancer treatment?

Free treatment is available to all Californians who qualify through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program. Information on this program is available on Medi‑Cal’s website or call 1-800-824-0088 to speak with an eligibility specialist.


How expensive is Rajiv Gandhi cancer Hospital?

In most cases, the cost of treatment is around Rs 1.5 Lakhs and can go up to more than Rs 50 Lakhs.

Is there free cancer treatment?

If you qualify for IMPACT, you can receive high quality treatment at many hospitals and doctor offices throughout California for FREE.

Who is the best oncologist in Kolkata?

List of the Best Oncologist in Kolkata 2021

  • Dr.
  • Dr.
  • Dr.
  • Dr. Chanchal Goswami (Oncologist) (Kolkata)
  • Dr. Sharadwat Mukherjee (Oncologist) (Kolkata)
  • Dr. Sanjay Sen (Oncologist) (Kolkata)
  • Dr. Prasenjit Chatterjee (Oncologist) (Kolkata)
  • Dr. Mukhopadhyay Saradwata (Oncologist) (Kolkata)

Is cancer treatment free in India?

Approximately 53% of all RCC patients get free cancer treatment, and more than 27% of the patients, especially in the middle-income class group, receive cancer treatment at subsidized rates. The centre provides modern facilities like CT scans, chemotherapy, etc., free-of-cost.

Who is the best cancer doctor in India?

Top 10 Oncologists in India

  • Dr. Ashok Vaid. Medical Oncologist.
  • Dr. Vinod Raina. Medical Oncologist.
  • Dr. Aruna Chandrasekhran. Surgical Oncologist.
  • Dr. Rajesh Mistry. Surgical Oncologist.
  • Dr. Bidhu K Mohanti. Radiation Oncologist.
  • Dr. ( Col.) R Ranga Rao.
  • Dr. V.P. Gangadharan. Medical Oncologist.
  • Dr. Sanjay Dudhat.

What is the most successful treatment for cancer?

Any cancer treatment can be used as a primary treatment, but the most common primary cancer treatment for the most common types of cancer is surgery. If your cancer is particularly sensitive to radiation therapy or chemotherapy, you may receive one of those therapies as your primary treatment.

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