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Is There Any Medical Test For NDA?


NDA candidates are examined both for Army and Navy unless otherwise instructed and endorsement of fitness status will be made accordingly. President of the medical board will guide the candidates for Appeal/Review Medical Board procedures.

What are NDA requirements?

NDA 73rd Regular Course Admission Requirements Must be medically and physically fit and must be of good moral character. Must be single male or female without legal obligation to support any child or other individuals. Present a Certificate of indigeneship from the state government or local government area.

Why girls are not allowed in NDA?

The Supreme Court stated that the policy of the Armed Forces to not allow girls in the NDA exam is based on “gender discrimination”. The Government meanwhile, told the Supreme Court that women are being given equal opportunity in the armed forces and there is no violation of any fundamental right.

Does NDA require physical fitness?

Physical Test Requirements for NDA 2021 Exam Fitness is mandatory if you want to make an entry into the defence sector of the economy.

How long is NDA training?

Training. All the cadets joining the NDA after their 10+2 Examination are trained in the Academy for three years culminating in graduation with BA(or)BSc or BCs (Computer Science) degree of Jawaharlal Nehru University; the first course to be awarded degrees was the 46th course in 1974.

Does 12th marks matter in NDA?

Question: Does 12th marks matter in NDA? Answer: No, 12th marks don’t matter for NDA. Candidates must qualify for the 10+2 with PCM.


Which subject is most important for NDA?

Given Below Are the 6 Subjects Included Under NDA General Awareness Paper:

  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • History.
  • Geography.
  • General Science.
  • Current Events.

Is biology compulsory for NDA?

Biology students are also eligible to apply for NDA if they have a mathematics and physics as compulsory subjects with biology. NDA stands for National Defence Academy Examination and this examination is conducted by Union Public Service Commission twice in a year as called as NDA I and NDA II Examination.

Can a girl join Air Force?

As an Air Wing Senior Division ‘C’ Certificate holder of the National Cadet Corps, candidates apply to the Flying Branch of the Indian Air Force. Men & women can join the Air Force through this mode of entry. Permanent Commission offered for men and Short Service Commission for men and women.

How can a girl join Defence after 12?

After Combined defence services Examination, a Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview is conducted after which candidates are selected. On the basis of merit, 12 women are selected every 6 months to be inducted into training. After clearing this exam, selected candidates have to undergo 49 weeks of rigorous training.

Can a girl join IMA?

As the ASG said there are three modes of entry in the Army- NDA, Indian Military Academy (IMA) and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) and that women are permitted entry through OTA and IMA. “And even if it is a matter of policy, you are allowing women’s entry through two sources.

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