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What Are Medical Textiles Used For?


Fabrics are used in the medical sector for a variety of reasons, for everything from patient slings to dressings. Several different physical properties are required and Baltex continues to offer fabrics that boast breathability, flexibility, comfort and waterproofing, among several other features.

What is medical textile industry?

Medical textiles are fiber-based products and structures used in a medical environment either for the treatment of an injury or for the provision of an appropriate condition in the clinical treatment of a wound or an illness. From: Medical Textile Materials, 2016.

What are medical textiles made from?

You will generally find one of two main groups of fibers utilized within medical textiles: commodity fibers and specialty fibers. Commodity fibers are fairly standard and are often made out of materials such as cotton, polyester, or nylon.

What are medical grade textiles?

What are Medical Grade Textiles?

  • If used in a hospital or medical setting, the textile must meet hospital regulatory requirements.
  • The textile must be biocompatible.
  • It must be clinically tested – extensively.
  • The textile must be durable and withstand reasonable wear.

Which properties are required in medical textile?

Fibres used for medical and healthcare application Depending upon the application, the major requirements of medical textiles are absorbency, tenacity, flexibility, softness and at times biostability or biodegradability.

What type of textile comes under transportation?

The main business areas are automotive fabrics (airbags, safety belts, tyres, carpets), industrial fibres ( polyester, nylon, viscose rayon ), Twaron aramid fibres for use in protective clothing, and Colbond [Show full abstract]


What is protective textile?

Protective textiles belong to a large group of technical textiles with a wide application area, including the protection of wearers and/or textiles against insects, heat and fire protection for specific job of firefighters, water protection, protection against biological agents for medical applications, radiance

What is healthcare and hygiene products?

Healthcare and hygiene products include [2] hospital gowns and uniforms, clothing and wipes, surgical covers, masks, caps, and hospital bed products. These products should exhibit a number of key characteristics such as cleanness, contamination free, and infection control.

Which cotton is used for medical application?

Absorbent cotton is used for surgical dressings, cosmetic purposes etc. It is also known as Surgical Cotton or Cotton Wool. It is mainly used for medical purposes in hospitals, dispensaries and nursing homes to absorb the body fluids.

What is fabric made of?

First, “fabric” is a material made by entwining fibers together. Generally, a fabric is named after the fiber user to manufacture it; some fabrics will even use a blend of different fibers. The fabric is then named depending on the fiber(s) used, its pattern and texture and the production process implemented.

How can Technical Textile be used in medical section?

In the field of medical application, technical textiles are not just used in contact with skin, but also fulfill important functions within the body (intra-corporal applications like implants). Technical textiles offer the medical and hygiene industry unparalleled protection, comfort and cost-saving.

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