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What Are The Branches Of Medical?


9 popular branches of Medicine

  • Cardiology. This field deals with the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of ailments related to the heart.
  • Paediatrics.
  • Neurology.
  • Oncology.
  • Obstetrics-Gynaecology.
  • Anesthesiology.
  • Otolaryngology (ENT)
  • Emergency Medicine.

What are the 5 branches of medicine?

Some of the branches of medicine have tremendous scope for development in the future and those medical specialties are:

  • Cardiology. Cardiologists are doctors who deal with the health of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Gastroenterology.
  • Urology.
  • Anesthesiology.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Emergency medicine.

What are different types of medical science?

Types of Medical Scientists

  • Clinical Trial Research. The clinical trial is a fundamental part of medical research.
  • Public Health Research. Some medical scientists specialize in the area of public health.
  • Genetics Research. Medical scientists can also specialize in genetics.
  • Neuroscience.
  • Pharmacology.

Which branch of doctor is best?

Top 19 highest-paying doctor jobs

  • Surgeon.
  • Dermatologist.
  • Orthopedist.
  • Urologist.
  • Neurologist. National average salary: $237,309 per year.
  • Orthodontist. National average salary: $259,163 per year.
  • Anesthesiologist. National average salary: $328,526 per year.
  • Cardiology physician. National average salary: $345,754 per year.

Which type of doctor earns the most?

General practitioners, including family doctors and pediatricians, are among the highest-paid doctors. Dentists, orthodontists, and prosthodontists also have high salaries. Anesthesiologists are paid more than any other type of doctor.

What are the 4 categories of medicine?

The 4 Categories of Medication

  • General Sales List (GSL) GSLs are a type of medicine that have few legal restrictions.
  • Pharmacy Medicines. Pharmacy Medicines are only available to purchase behind the counter at a pharmacy.
  • Prescription Only Medicines.
  • Controlled Drugs.

Which branch is best after MBBS?

Candidates who are Post Graduate Medical aspirants will find the Top 7 PG Medical Courses list useful.

  • Radiology.
  • Medicine.
  • Anatomy.
  • Forensic Medicine.
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • Paediatrics.
  • Orthopaedics.

Is surgery a branch of medicine?

Surgery: The branch of medicine that employs operations in the treatment of disease or injury. Surgery can involve cutting, abrading, suturing, or otherwise physically changing body tissues and organs.

What is the best field of medicine?

Here, we list the top medical specialties with the biggest potential for development in the future.

  • General practice. Many doctors choose this specialty today to make a long-term impact on someone’s life.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Radiology.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Oncology.
  • Dermatology.
  • Emergency Medicine.

What branch of science is surgery?

surgery, branch of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of injuries, diseases, and other disorders by manual and instrumental means.

Is medical science the same as medicine?

Medicine refers to the practice of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Medical science is a bachelor level degree that is offered by some universities and aims to help students make careers in health and medicine.

Is a medical science degree good?

Medical science is a stable career path with a great outlook. A degree in medical science is a great choice if you want to work in a constantly developing field with a good starting salary and career growth potential.

Medicine is the branch of health science and the sector of public life concerned with maintaining human health or restoring it through the treatment of disease and injury. It is both an area of knowledge – a science of body systems, their diseases and treatment – and the applied practice of that knowledge.

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