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What Do You Study In Medicinal Chemistry?


Medicinal chemistry is a specialized area with an emphasis on the study of drug design, drug synthesis, and pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis.

What is the purpose of studying medicinal chemistry?

By imparting an exclusive knowledge base, medicinal chemistry plays a vital role in providing critical thinking and evidence-based problem-solving skills to pharmacy students, enabling them to make optimal patient-specific therapeutic decisions.

How do you remember the structure of a drug?

Try these memorization tricks and continue to be your patients reliable resource for all their medication needs.

  1. Memorize no more than one per day.
  2. Repeat what you memorized.
  3. Memorize new drugs in order of class.
  4. Memorize new drugs with acronyms.
  5. Memorize new drugs with picture association.

What is pharmaceutical chemistry?

Pharmaceutical (medicinal) chemistry is concerned with the design (drug design) and synthesis of biologically active molecules. The aim is to gain new chemical molecules that could enable the discovery of new pharmaceuticals or optimize already known drug structures, thereby to expand the portfolio of chemical drugs.

What is structure activity relationship in medicinal chemistry?

The structure–activity relationship (SAR) is the relationship between the chemical structure of a molecule and its biological activity. Medicinal chemists use the techniques of chemical synthesis to insert new chemical groups into the biomedical compound and test the modifications for their biological effects.


Who is father of medicinal chemistry?

Eventu- ally, the 606th compound, Salvarsan, was found to be an effective agent with a satisfactory therapeutic index. Basically, Ehrlich was the father of medicinal chemistry.

How chemistry is used in medicine?

Drug for treatment of disease. Chemistry contributes to the preparation and use of materials for surgery (sutures, artificial skin, and sterile materials). The sutures used in many surgeries today do not have to be removed, because they simply dissolve in the body after a period of time.

Can a chemist make drugs?

In the pharmaceutical industry chemists develop drugs and study their properties in order to determine the quality and stability of medicines. Some chemists even work in forensic science to establish evidence in criminal investigations.

Is pharmaceutical chemistry a good career?

Pharmaceutical chemistry leads to careers in pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, drug development, and research facilities. Educational Qualifications: A Master Degree in Pharmaceutical chemistry is ideal to have a successful career in this field.

Do you need a PhD to be a medicinal chemist?

A bachelor’s degree in chemistry is the basic educational requirement for this career. However, employers prefer candidates with a doctoral degree in chemistry or pharmacy. Relevant experience and background in research are also considerable factors to land this job.

What chemistry jobs pay the most?

Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs

  • #1. Nanotechnologist.
  • #2. Chemical Engineering.
  • #3. Water Chemist.
  • #4. Toxicology.
  • #5. Hazardous Material Management Chemist.
  • #6. Geochemist.
  • #7. Analytical Chemist.
  • #8. Academic Research chemists.

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