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What Does PHT Stand For?


Pulmonary hypertension (PHT) is a rare but severe disease characterized by high blood pressure in the lungs. Pulmonary hypertension causes the tiny arteries and the capillaries in the lungs to become narrowed, blocked or destroyed.

What is its medical abbreviation?

Abbreviation for: Independent Tribunal Service (now, the Appeals Service) inferior temporal sulcus.

What is PHT in agriculture?

One of the Thrust Areas approved by Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation is regarding “Reforming Agricultural Markets & Promoting Post Harvest Technology”. (ii) Establishment of low cost Post Harvest Technology (PHT) units/supply of PHT equipments with Government assistance.

Is parathyroid a hormone?

The parathyroid glands produce parathyroid hormone. This hormone helps maintain an appropriate balance of calcium in the bloodstream and in tissues that depend on calcium for proper functioning.

How do you check parathyroid hormone levels?

Ideally, PTH testing should be done first thing in the morning before eating anything (fasting). During a PTH test, a blood sample is drawn from a patient’s vein, and a doctor analyzes the test results. The doctor also uses the test to determine if a patient is dealing with a parathyroid-related condition.

What does in mean in medical terms?

Prefix denoting not or in, into, within.


What is its in healthcare?

A health information system (HIS) refers to a system designed to manage healthcare data. This includes systems that collect, store, manage and transmit a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), a hospital’s operational management or a system supporting healthcare policy decisions.

What are common medical terms?

Top 25 medical terms to know

  • Benign: Not cancerous.
  • Malignant: Cancerous.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces swelling, pain, and soreness (such as ibuprofen or naproxen)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): Body fat measurement based on height and weight.
  • Biopsy: A tissue sample for testing purposes.
  • Hypotension: Low blood pressure.

What is maturity indices?

Maturity indices are the sign or indication the readiness of the commodity for harvest. It is the basis for determining harvest date. Types of maturity. A. Physiological maturity: It refers to the stage in the development of the fruits and vegetables when maximum growth and maturation has occurred.

What is pre cooling?

Precooling, the rapid removal of heat from freshly harvested vegetables, allows the grower to harvest produce at optimum maturity with greater assurance that it will reach the consumer at maximum quality.

What is the importance of postharvest technology?

Importance of Post-harvest technology lies in the fact that it has the capability to meet food requirement of growing population by eliminating losses making more nutritive food items from raw commodities by proper processing and fortification. Post-harvest technology has potential to create rural industries.

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