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What Does Piggyback Mean In Medical Terms?


› An intravenous (I.V.) “piggyback,” or secondary infusion, is the administration of. medication that is diluted in a small volume of I.V. solution (e.g., 50–250 ml in a minibag) through an established primary infusion line. The piggyback can be administered by. gravity or by I.V. infusion pump.

Why is it called a piggyback?

It started out in the sixteenth century as pick pack, carrying something on the back or shoulders. Pick is a medieval version of pitch, so it meant a load that was pitched on to a person’s back for carrying. A little later, pickpack meant a ride on somebody’s shoulders. After that, matters began to get muddled.

What is the piggyback approach?

According to Business Directory, piggyback marketing is defined as: “ A low cost market entry strategy in which two or more firms represent one another’s complementary (but non-competing) products in their respective markets.”

What is the purpose of piggybacking?

Piggybacking, in a wireless communications context, is the unauthorized access of a wireless LAN. The usual purpose of piggybacking is simply to gain free network access rather than any malicious intent, but it can slow down data transfer for legitimate users of the network.

What does IVPB mean?

IVPB stands for ‘ intravenous piggyback. ‘ An IV medication that is referred to as a ‘piggyback’ is a small bag of IV medication that must be

What drug should never be given IV push?

The most common medications not provided in ready-to-administer syringes include: Antiemetics Antibiotics with short stability Metoprolol Antipsychotics Opioids Furosemide Benzodiazepines Pantoprazole These medications are available in a prefilled syringe, however supply has been limited.

Can I get a piggyback ride?

Generally if the person is taller than you or is very strong, they will be able to give you a piggyback ride. If someone does not want a piggyback ride, you cannot force them. Instead, try asking someone else if they would like a piggyback ride.


What is the word piggyback mean?

1: up on the back and shoulders. 2: on or as if on the back of another especially: on a railroad flatcar. piggyback. noun. variants: or less commonly pickaback.

What are the types of piggyback?

A piggyback mortgage is additional debt that can include any additional mortgage or loan beyond a borrower’s first mortgage loan, which is secured with the same collateral. Common types of piggyback mortgages include home equity loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs).

What is a piggyback driver?

She drivers for Unimark doing what many truckers know as piggyback driving, or hauling other trucks. Sometimes someone else will operate the wrecker, but usually, she’s the one also operating the wrecker and doing all of the technical work to get the trucks undecked.

Is Piggybacking Credit illegal?

Credit card piggybacking is not illegal in the case of a legitimate authorized user relationship. But it could be considered bank fraud if used to deceive financial institutions and borrow money under false pretenses. Bank fraud carries a penalty of up to $1 million in fines and 30 years in prison.

What is piggyback tailgating?

Tailgating represents the situation, when an individual without access authorization closely follows an authorized person in a reserved area. Piggybacking represents the situation, when someone accesses a reserved area with the permission obtained by deception of an authorized person.

What is an example of a piggybacking?

Piggybacking is defined as stealing, or commandeering, a wireless connection. An example of piggybacking is using your neighbor’s connection. An illegal practice in which a broker mimics a client’s trade.

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