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What Does QS Mean In Lab?


Latin. quantum satis (as much as is enough). This term is used when bringing up a volumn or weight to the final measurement. Example: “Then q.s. to 2 liters”.

What is quantity sufficient?

A quantity of an ingredient or product needed to bring up a volume or weight of the preparation to a final amount as it is indicated in the prescription; also refers to a determination of an adequate supply of medicine to fulfill either a prescribed amount or a sufficient quantity to provide treatment over a specified

Which is better QS or rank?

Both QS and the Times have an international, world ranking for universities – but they use different methodologies for creating them. This means that, if reputation is high on your list of priorities, QS could be the better option. There are also differences for the remaining 60-70% of the result.

What does QS mean in army?

Qs: Qualified for Staff.

What does QS mean in manufacturing?

QS is an abbreviation for Quantum satis and simply means ‘Add as much of this ingredient as is needed to achieve the desired result, but not more. ‘ It is a term used in pharmaceuticals and food manufacture mainly, but you may have come across it in sample formulations given by a supplier.


What are QS drugs?

Quantum satis (abbreviation q.s. or Q.S.) is a Latin term meaning the amount which is enough. It has its origins as a quantity specification in medicine and pharmacology, where a similar term quantum sufficit (“as much as is sufficient”) has been used (abbreviated Q.S.).

How do you abbreviate quantity?

Qty is defined as an abbreviation for “quantity” and means the number or amount of something.

What does P mean in nursing?

patient (from Latin patiens, meaning “one who endures” or “one who suffers”)

What is the full meaning of nurse?

The Full form of NURSE is Nurse Practitioner. NURSE is commonly abbreviated as NP. An NP is a registered nurse (RN) who has completed an advanced training program in a medical specialty, such as pediatric care. An NP may be a direct, primary health care provider, and can prescribe medications.

What is at bedtime in medical terms?

hs (hora somni) means “at bedtime”

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