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What Does TLC Stand For In Nursing?


Abstract. In the West, the term ‘ tender, loving care ‘ (TLC) has traditionally been used as a defining term that characterizes nursing. When this expression informs practice, it can comfort the human spirit at times of fear and vulnerability.

What is the role of TLC in blood?

TLC or WBC count is a blood test that evaluates the number of WBC (white blood cells), also known as leukocytes. The leukocytes are the essential parts of our defense mechanism as they fight with infections.

What is TLC Urdu?

Tender Loving Care. رونا Rona. کو انگلش میں کیا کہتے ہیں؟ میں کھانا کھانے جارہا ہوں

What is the full form of TLC in education?

Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) +

What is the full form of TLC in chemistry?

Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is an affinity-based method used to separate compounds in a mixture. TLC is a highly versatile separation method that is widely used for both qualitative and quantitative sample analysis.

What is a TLC IV?

Nurses have a calling to provide tender loving care on a larger scale than the average individual. That’s why TLC is the perfect acronym for an IV insertion site inspection method. Originally developed by a large pediatric hospital*, TLC in this case stands for Touch, Look, and Compare.


What happens if TLC is high?

A high white blood cell count may indicate that the immune system is working to destroy an infection. It may also be a sign of physical or emotional stress. People with particular blood cancers may also have high white blood cells counts.

What is normal TLC level?

The normal values for TLC for both the genders and across all age groups is 4.5-11.0 x 109 /L. Neutrophils is 56% Eosinophils is 2.7% Lymphocytes is 34% Monocytes is 4%

How can I control my TLC count?

Under the TLC guidelines, you should:

  1. Keep your intake of saturated fat below 7 percent of your total calories for the day and overall fat intake between 25 and 35 percent of the calories you consume.
  2. Keep your total daily cholesterol intake to less than 200 milligrams.
  3. Limit your sodium intake to 2400 mg a day.

What is TLC and DLC?

Total leucocyte count (TLC) or white blood cell count measures the number of leucocytes in the body. The differential leucocyte count (DLC) measures the percentage of each type of WBC present in the blood.

What is DLC in test?

The full form of the DLC test is Differential Leukocyte Count. DLC test measures the percentage of every single type of WBC present in the blood. A differential count also can detect immature WBCs and abnormalities such as anemia, leukemia, and various infections.

What is RBC in blood test in Urdu?

Red Blood Cell Meaning in English to Urdu is لال خون حجرہ, as written in Urdu and, as written in Roman Urdu.

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