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What Does XR Mean In Medical Terms?


by XR or ER is short for extended-release which means the pill is formulated so that the drug is released slowly over time. This has the advantage of taking pills less often and there may be fewer side-effects as the levels of the drug in the body are more consistent in extended-release formulations.

What does XT represent in math?

XT. X Transpose. Academic & Science » Mathematics — and more

Is XT a word?

No, xt is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is XT exercise?

XT Circuit combines squats, lunges, deadlifts, overhead press and chin ups with other bodyweight exercises for the ultimate circuit challenge. This workout introduces members to the proper techniques of lifting and functional movements to create a balanced and challenging workout.

What does XT stand for running?

Cross-Train (xt): Whether it’s a swim, bike ride, gym workout, or exercise class, this is the day to do anything but run.


What does set X Y mean?

Set inclusion X ⊆ Y means every element of X is an element of Y; X is a subset of Y. Set equality X = Y means every element of X is an element of Y and every element of Y is an element of X.

Which is a chord but not a diameter?

A chord is a line segment that joins two points on a curve. A diameter satisfies the definition of a chord, however, a chord is not necessarily a diameter. This is because every diameter passes through the center of a circle, but some chords do not pass through the center.

What is the MDU in a hospital?

The MDU, the world’s first medical defence organisation, was established in 1885 following outrage in the medical community over the case of Dr David Bradley, who was wrongly convicted of assaulting a woman in his surgery.

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