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What Is New Medical Bill In India?


The National Medical Commission Bill of 2019 proposes to have four autonomous boards to take care of its different functions. This includes i) Under-graduate medical education board and post-graduate medical education board that will look into the regulation of medical education at their respective levels.

What is national medical bill?

The Bill seeks to repeal the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and provide for a medical education system which ensures: (i) availability of adequate and high quality medical professionals, (ii) adoption of the latest medical research by medical professionals, (iii) periodic assessment of medical institutions, and (iv)

What is medical commission bill?

New Delhi: The National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2019 was passed by the Lok Sabha Monday and introduced in the Rajya Sabha Thursday. The Bill aims to repeal the existing Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, and replace the Medical Council of India (MCI) with a new body — National Medical Commission.

What does NMC bill say?

The NMC Bill proposes a common final year MBBS exam, to be known as the National Exit Test (NEXT), for admission to postgraduate medical courses and for obtaining licence to practise medicine. It would also act as a screening test for foreign medical graduates.

Is NMC bill passed?

The decision was approved by most states and after its approval by the Prime Minister and NMC bill was passed by parliament and approved by President on 8 August 2019. It was passed by both houses of Parliament in 2019.

Why is NMC bill opposed?

The provision was majorly opposed by doctors when the Bill was proposed. The government made changes in the bill for the provision but proposed similar idea of Community Health Providers to help tackle the disease burden in rural areas.

Can MBBS write Dr?

MBBS, MD & MS Degree holders are does not have eligibility to write ‘Doctor’. Ayush University has clarified under RTI Act that MBBS, MD & MS Degree holders are not eligible to prefix word ‘Dr. ‘. Hence, there is no such rule to prefix word Doctor.

Is there exit exam for MBBS?

National Exit Test (NExT) marks will be used for the qualifying final MBBS exam and to get license for practising medicine in India. The exam will be conducted in 2023 first half.


Can MBBS doctor do surgery?

Currently, a mere MBBS doctor without a PG degree is legally not allowed to perform surgeries, anaesthetic procedures or C-section. Moreover, only specialists can treat noncommunicable diseases. The route to becoming a specialist is only to undertake PG courses from MCI recognised institutes.

What is the National Medical Commission Bill 2019?

The Bill seeks to repeal the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and provide for a medical education system which one ensuring: (i) accessibility of enough and high-end medical professionals, (ii) acceptance of the latest medical review by medical expert, (iii) periodic assessment of medical institutions, and (iv) an

Who is the chairman of National Medical Commission?

The commission will replace the Medical Council of India (MCI). Prof. of ENT department of AIIMS. Dr, Suresh Chandra Sharma has been appointed as the first Chairman of the National Medical Commission.

Why is there a Medical Council of India?

The Council grants recognition of medical qualifications, gives accreditation to medical schools, grants registration to medical practitioners, and monitors medical practice in India. The last President of MCI was Dr.

Is NMC bill applicable from 2020?

The National Medical Commission (NMC) is on the verge of replacing the Medical Council of India (MCI) as the bill has passed in both the lower and upper house of the Indian parliament. Therefore, the NMC bill has no immediate effect on NEET 2020.

What is the function of NMC?

The NMC’s role is to: protect the health and wellbeing of the public. set standards of education, training, conduct and performance so that nurses and midwives can deliver high quality healthcare consistently throughout their careers.

What is the difference between NMC and MCI?

Each state of India is provided with a state regulatory body that is headed by NMC. NMC bill has replaced the MCI, and also has made some mandatory changes in the medical education system that were the need of an hour. Although, there are several amendments in the NMC bill that have made doctors to oppose them.

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