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What Is Next Exam After MBBS?


According to the draft regulations, the common Final year MBBS exam, NExt will be the basis for admission to the postgraduate broad speciality courses in each academic year, once it becomes operational and till such time, NEET-PG examination will continue.

When next medical exam will be implemented?

The exam will be conducted in 2023 first half. The National Exit Test ( NExT) will be conducted in the first half of 2023, informed Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Mansukh Mandaviya. The decision was made in a review meeting with the National Medical Commission (NMC) today, July 30.

How do you qualify for next exam?

Eligibility for NEXT Exam You should have completed your MBBS course for taking the NEXT 2 exam, and you will get the practice certificate. You will also have to complete the NEXT 1 exam. For taking the NEXT 2 exam, you will have to complete your internship after MBBS final year.

How do I prepare for my next medical exam?


  1. Sharpen your Basics. Since 90% of the NEXT questions will test your problem-solving abilities and understanding, students must begin focusing on the fundamentals.
  2. Emphasise on Critical Concepts.
  3. Never leave out an Entire subject.
  4. Attempt Previous Years’ NEET PG and AIIMS papers.
  5. Begin Early.

Will there be a next exam in 2022?

It will be implemented from 2022. This exam will be mandatory for Indian as well as foreign medical graduates. The students who will pass NEXT exit exam will start their internship. Score (rank) in NEXT exam will also be used to allot PG (MD/ MS/ DNB/ Diploma) seats in Government and private medical colleges in India.

Is next exam Mcq?

The format of NEXT is broader than existing NEET PG and it will thoroughly check clinical skills. The part one (NEXT 1) of this exam will be objective MCQ-based paper, rank of which will decide your seat in PG medical course and qualification for post MBBS internship.

Is next score valid for 3 years?

Marks obtained by you in neet is valid for 3 years but only for taking admission MBBS abroad and not for taking admission in India. For for admission in India marks obtained by you in neet is valid for only one year i.e it is valid only the year in which you attempt the exam.


Is Exit exam compulsory for MBBS?

An exit exam also know as National Licentiate Exam for MBBS students was proposed and has been passed. It is compulsory for all MBBS graduates to pass the exam and only then they will be eligible to practice in India.

Is NEET syllabus change 2020?

But an official NTA notice released on Friday declared that there have been no changes made in the NEET UG 2020 syllabus. Here’s what the official NTA notification stated: “All candidates preparing for NEET 2020 are hereby informed that there is NO change in syllabus of NEET.

Which is the best country to study MBBS?

Let us dive into the top countries to study MBBS abroad.

  • Study MBBS in UK. The first and foremost is the best option to study medicine in Europe.
  • Study MBBS in USA.
  • Study MBBS in Canada.
  • Study MBBS in Germany.
  • Study MBBS in France.
  • Study MBBS in China.
  • Study MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Study MBBS in Russia.

What is PSM subject?

Preventive and Social Medicine / Community Medicine (PSM)

How do you pass an exam?

Exam Preparation: Ten Study Tips

  1. Give yourself enough time to study. via GIPHY.
  2. Organize your study space. via GIPHY.
  3. Use flow charts and diagrams. via GIPHY.
  4. Practice on old exams. via GIPHY.
  5. Explain your answers to others. via GIPHY.
  6. Organize study groups with friends. via GIPHY.
  7. Take regular breaks. via GIPHY.
  8. Snack on brain food.

How many questions are on the NExT exam?

NExT-1 will have a total of 540 questions. It will be conducted over 14.5 hours i.e 3 hours Pre-Lunch and 1.5 hours Pre-Lunch for 3 days.

How do I start preparing for NExT 2022?

How to Prepare for NExT – NEET PG 2022?

  1. Strengthen Your Basics.
  2. Focus on developing Clinical Concepts.
  3. Don’t Leave Any Subject Completely.
  4. Closely Observe Recent Years’ NEET PG and AIIMS paper.
  5. Start Preparing Early.

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