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What Is Status Quo Example?


The state of things; the way things are, as opposed to the way they could be; the existing state of affairs. The definition of status quo is the current political or social conditions. An example of status quo is that the U.S. government is in debt. An example of status quo is the common sense of a period of time.

What is considered status quo?

The status quo is the current state of things. Status quo is Latin for “existing state.” When we talk about the status quo, however, we often mean it in a slightly bad way. When people want to maintain the status quo, they are often resistant to progress.

What is the meaning of quo?

Definition of quo (Entry 2 of 2): something received or given for something else the exchange of quids for quos out of the public’s sight and hearing— R. H. Rovere.

What is another word for status quo?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for status quo, like: existing condition, status in quo, current situation, state-of-affairs, situation, no change, status, how things stand, parameters, present state of affairs and usual.

How do you use status quo?

Status Quo in a Sentence

  1. Because the council wants to maintain the status quo, they will not vote to add another member to the group.
  2. A lack of desire to change the status quo is the reason for the poor voter turnout at last year’s election.

What is status quo in workplace?

In business, accepted processes and procedures are known as the status quo. If you feel like a procedure at your company isn’t effective and you have a better idea, you may want to challenge the status quo.

What is status quo in divorce?

Status quo means, what is the current arrangement regarding the children. The court in a family law case does not want to disrupt the children’s routines and schedules more than necessary so status quo can be important.


What does changing the status quo mean?

With regard to policy debate, it means how conditions are, contrasted with a possible change. For example: “The countries are now trying to maintain the status quo with regard to their nuclear arsenals.” To maintain the status quo is to keep things the way they presently are.

What does it mean to disrupt the status quo?

vb. 1 tr to throw into turmoil or disorder. 2 tr to interrupt the progress of (a movement, meeting, etc.) 3 to break or split (something) apart.

Can quo be pluralized?

A quick search suggests that status quos is most common pluralization of status quo. This form, however, is deeply unsatisfying. Clearly, status is the noun in this phrase, while quo is some sort of adverb or something.

Is quo a valid word?

Quo qua quo, that is, “quo” in and of itself, with no external influences applied, is not a Scrabble-legal word. It should also be a staple of any Scrabbler’s lexicon, since it takes only two common letters, I and T, to turn “quo” into playable gold.

Is quo a word by itself?

Is Quo a word? Quo is not generally in standard use by itself because its meaning of “quoth” is archaic. It pairs well with other words, however. These quo meanings include quid pro quo, quo vadis, quo animo, and quo warranto.

What is the opposite of the status quo?

Near Antonyms for status quo. irregularity, uncommonness, unusualness.

What is the Hindi meaning of status quo?

singular noun. The status quo is the situation that exists at a particular time. [formal]यथापूर्व स्थिति nf.

What’s a word for not changing?

1 unchanging, immutable, permanent. 2 perpetual, unremitting, uninterrupted. 3 incessant, ceaseless.

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