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What Is The Payer ID Used For?


A Payer ID is a unique ID number that is assigned to an insurance company for the purpose of transmitting provider claims electronically. Each company has a specific number that must be used in order to achieve proper adjudication of the claim.

Who assigns a payer ID?

A payer ID is a unique ID that is assigned to each insurance company. This ID is used for submitting claims electronically through our system. The payer ID is typically a 5 character code, but it could be longer. Note: Payers can sometimes use different payer IDs depending on the clearinghouse they’re working with.

What is the payer ID for BCBS?

The vast majority of member claims for all plans, including the Federal Employee Program® (FEP®), can be submitted electronically using our Payer ID 22099.

What is the payer ID for first health?

Payer Name: First Health Network (f.k.a. CCN Managed Care Inc. & PPO Oklahoma)|Payer ID: 73159 |Professional (CMS1500)/Institutional (UB04)[Hospitals]

Is payor different means?

The payee is the person who receives money from the payor. The payor is the person who pays the money to the payee.

What is the payer ID for Cigna?

Just be sure that you are using the correct Payer ID – 62308.

What is an MSP code?

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Codes.

What is the payer ID number for UCare?

2019 and 2020 Medicare Claims 1, 2020, UCare changed the Payor ID to 55413 for UCare Medicare Plans, EssentiaCare and UCare Medicare with M Health Fairview & North Memorial claims submissions for 2020 dates of service.


What is the payer ID for Aetna?

Use our electronic payer ID # 60054. Mail all claims to the address on the back of the member’s ID card. Submit all paper claims as soon as possible using an Aetna® claims form.

How do I find my insurance payer ID?

The payer ID is often located on the back of the insurance card in the Provider or Claims Submission section.

What is Highmark payer ID?

If you are sending to Highmark with Payer ID 54771 & Payer ID 15460, follow the instructions below.

What is WellCare Medicare payer ID?

Providers must use the WellCare payer id 14163 if choosing to use Connect Center free DDE or batch upload services. WellCare encourages electronic (EDI) claim submissions.

Who is first health insurance through?

First Health® is a brand name of First Health Group Corp., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Aetna, Inc.

Is first health the same as Aetna?

First Health is a brand name of First Health Group Corp., an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Aetna Inc. First Health®, one of the largest national PPO networks.

What is First Health PPO insurance?

What is First Health? First Health offers members a. national network of doctors and. hospitals located throughout the. U.S. Health Net PPO members get health care services at a contracted rate, whether they live in or travel outside of California.

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