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What Is The Role Of Regional Medical Advisor?


The RMA is a field based position whose main mission is to foster collaborative relationships with the key opinion leaders (KOLs) and to facilitate the exchange of unbiased scientific information between the medical community and the company.

Is medical affairs a good career?

Those who choose to work in Medical Affairs have the chance to help healthcare clients find unparalleled insights and be a part of the driving force that delivers better solutions for patients. While there’s no set career path in this sector, here are some of the core roles where you can make a real difference.

What does a medical manager do in pharma?

Researching, collating, presenting and offering expert opinion on scientific, medical and regulatory information to support both internal and external customers. Identify and develop strong, sustainable relationships with external Opinion Leaders to deliver both opportunity and provision to execute the product strategy.

How do you become a medical advisor?

Requirements for medical advisor jobs are either a very advanced degree (PharmD or PhD) or, for a more direct route in, a medical doctor (MD) qualification. Other requirements are very similar to those needed to become an MSL or medical communication professional as it is a natural step in this career path.

What does a clinical advisor do?

A clinical advisor instructs and makes recommendations to non-clinical staff on medical issues. In a health care facility, clinical advisors guide non-medical staff on how to care for a high-risk patient.


Why have a career in medical affairs?

In medical affairs, you have opportunities to work in or with clinical trial activities, medical information, competitive intelligence, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, health outcomes, scientific platform communications, and key opinion leader development, and you may even be able to move over to the commercial

Can a pharmacist become a medical advisor?

In order to excel as a scientific advisor, a strong scientific background is essential. The role is open to various scientific disciplines which makes pharmacists ideal candidates. Having a good working knowledge and experience in clinical research and therapeutics is beneficial.

How do I get an MSL experience?

How to Become a Medical Science Liaison

  1. Choose Your Area of Expertise. Most MSLs have graduated with a doctorate degree (PhD) and many have PharmD education (figure below).
  2. Be Aware of Key MSL Metrics.
  3. Hit Your Educational Goals.
  4. Bolster Your Work Experience.

How can I be a good medical manager?

What Qualities Would Make Me a Good Healthcare Manager?

  1. Proper Academic Training and Previous Work Experience.
  2. Excellent Communication skills.
  3. Flexibility, Adaptability and a Good Organizational Fit.
  4. Dependability, Good Professional Judgment and Strong Character.
  5. General Management Skills.

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