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What Is W 9 Form Used For?


Use Form W-9 to provide your correct Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to the person who is required to file an information return with the IRS to report, for example: Income paid to you. Real estate transactions.

Who gives you a W 9 form?

Those who should fill out a W 9 are those who are working as independent contractors or freelancers, because the W-9 is the form used by the IRS to help gather information about such workers. The W-9 form is an informational reporting tax form, meaning that it provides information to the IRS about taxable entities.

Why would someone need a W9 from me?

US financial institutions ask you to complete Form W9 in order to obtain your personal identifying information (name, address, tax ID) to report income paid to you to the IRS, such as interest, dividends, capital gains, cancellation of debt, royalties, rents, etc. or income paid by you to the institution, such as

What is Form W 9 certification?

Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is a one-page IRS information form that individuals and businessesuse to send their taxpayer identification number to other individuals, clients, banks and other financial institutions.

Can I refuse to fill out a W9?

Yes, you can refuse a request to fill out the W-9 but only if you are suspicious as to why a business has made the request. Businesses in the United States are instructed by the IRS to request the W-9 be completed by any service provider they’re paying US$ 600 or more to during the tax year.

How does a W9 affect my taxes?

In general, income that results from a W-9 arrangement is not subject to IRS withholding. Rather, it is the payee’s responsibility to claim the income on his or her tax return, and to pay any appropriate taxes.

What is a W-9 employee?

IRS Form W-9 is most commonly used by individuals when they are working as a freelancer or independent contractor. If you ever find yourself filling out a Form W-9, it generally means that a business or person who is paying you money needs your Social Security number so it can notify the IRS of the amount.


How do I obtain a W9?

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  1. Form W-9. (Rev.
  2. Request for Taxpayer.
  3. ▶ Go to for instructions and the latest information.
  4. Give Form to the requester.
  5. Print or type.
  6. 1 Name (as shown on your income tax return).
  7. (Applies to accounts maintained outside the U.S.)
  8. 5 Address (number, street, and apt.

How do you send a W9?

Before getting started, make certain you’ve logged into your AssureSign account in the web-portal.

  1. Step 1: Upload a Blank W9 Form Into AssureSign. Downloading a blank W9 form like this one from the IRS is quick and free… just open the PDF and save the file to your computer.
  2. Step 2: Add a Signer.
  3. Step 3: Format the W9 Form.

Do I need a w9 to pay someone?

By law, you are only obligated to provide a W-9 to parties that intend to pay you interest, dividends, non-employee compensation, or any other type of reportable income. If someone unexpected asks for a W-9, ask them why they need it.

When should I ask for a w9?

When does my business need a W-9 from a vendor? Businesses are required to provide a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC (as of 2020) to any vendor who receives payments totaling $600 or more over the course of the year for services whether or not a vendor has been asked for or provided a W-9 form.

Is a W9 and 1099 the same?

W-9s and 1099s are tax forms that businesses need when working with independent contractors. Form W-9 is what an independent contractor fills out and provides to the employer. Form 1099 has details on the wages an employer pays to an independent contractor. This form is filed with the IRS and state tax authorities.

Can you fill out a W9 form online?

How to fill out the IRS W-9 form online. Open the W-9 template by clicking the image preview below. Enter your name, business name, and address in the corresponding boxes. Sign and date the form, click ‘ Print ‘ or ‘Download’ to print or save the W-9 to your computer as a PDF.

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