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What Type Of Doctor Takes Care Of The Elderly?


Geriatric doctors, also called geriatricians, specialize in caring for aging adults who often have complex medical issues. They focus particularly on keeping you functional and helping you maintain your quality of life. Geriatric doctors understand caregivers’ roles and work with family members, too.

Who specialize in the medical problems of the elderly?

Including a geriatrician, a doctor who specializes in the health concerns of aging, on your senior healthcare team can help you learn how to live better with any chronic diseases. Then you too can be among the 41 percent of people over 65 who say their health is very good or excellent, according to the CDC.

Is the branch of medicine concerned with medical problems and care of the elderly?

Geriatrics – branch of medicine that deals with the general health and well-being of the elderly.

Who specialized in providing care and treatment to elderly?

A geriatrician is a medical doctor trained in providing clinical care for adults 65 years and older.

What diseases does a geriatrician treat?

What conditions do geriatricians treat?

  • dementia and other cognitive problems.
  • problems with mobility and frailty.
  • incontinence.
  • nutrition.
  • medicines.
  • other medical issues.

What is the 10 minute geriatric screener?

The 10-minute Targeted Geriatric Assessment (10-TaGA) is a CGA-based tool developed to screen geriatric syndromes and estimate the global impairment of patients, using the cumulative deficit model (14).

What are the four major old age problems?

Common conditions in older age include hearing loss, cataracts and refractive errors, back and neck pain and osteoarthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, depression and dementia.

How can seniors combat health problems?

Keep active: Even 15 – 30 minutes of walking per day can reduce cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, and delay the natural loss of muscle mass. Eat healthy: Fruits, vegetable, lean meats, and low-sodium foods can help keep both your cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems in top-condition.


What do old people get sick from?

As you grow older, your immune system does not work as well. The following immune system changes may occur: The immune system becomes slower to respond. This increases your risk of getting sick.

Which branch of medicine is concerned with diseases?

Pathology. The study of the essential nature of diseases and especially of the structural and functional changes produced by them.

Which branch of medicine is concerned with the treatment of disease and suffering?

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.

What branch of medicine is concerned with disorders of the blood?

Hematology is a branch of internal medicine that deals with the physiology, pathology, etiology, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of blood-related disorders.

Is geriatric medicine a specialty?

Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on health promotion, prevention, and diagnosis and treatment of disease and disability in older adults. The specialty offers a wide diversity of career choices and is a clinically and intellectually rewarding discipline given the medical complexity of older adults.

At what age is a patient considered geriatric?

Geriatrics refers to medical care for older adults, an age group that is not easy to define precisely. “Older” is preferred over “elderly,” but both are equally imprecise; > 65 is the age often used, but most people do not need geriatrics expertise in their care until age 70, 75, or even 80.

What is medicine for the elderly?

Medicine for the Elderly or Geriatrics is the branch of medicine concerning the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that occur in old age and the care of the elderly. We offer outpatient clinics with Consultant Physicians specialising in a range of conditions including: Alzheimer’s disease.

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