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Which One Of The Following Populations Interactions Is Widely Used In Medical Science For The Production Of Antibiotics?


Mutualism is the type of symbiotic association in which both the organisms get benefits. Commensalism is the type of interaction in which one of the species is inhibited by the other species. The production of antibiotics can be done by such species which will inhibit or kill the other species in the association.

What are the three types of population interactions?

Types of Population Interaction

  • Mutualism. When the two different population species interact in such a manner that it is beneficial to each other, then this form of interaction is called mutualism.
  • Competition.
  • Predation.
  • Parasitism.
  • Commensalism.
  • Amensalism.

What are the 5 types of interactions within populations?

Overview of competition, predation, herbivory, mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism.

Which of the following is a positive population interaction?

Adamsia (sea anemone) and hermit crab show commensalism which is a kind of positive interaction. Adamsia is sedentary while hermit crab is free swimming. Hermit crab resides in an empty snail shell for protection. Sea anemone also uses snail’s shell as a portable home.

Which ONE of the population interaction is used for antibiotics?

Amensalism is widely used in medical science for the production of antibiotics.

What is population Interaction Class 12?

Population Interaction. “Population interaction is the interaction between different populations. It refers to the effects that the organisms in a community have on one another.” Ecology is a vast arena in Biology, which is a study of organisms, their distribution and interaction with each other and the environment.

What are the two kinds of interaction?

Species interactions within ecological webs include four main types of two-way interactions: mutualism, commensalism, competition, and predation (which includes herbivory and parasitism).

What are the population interaction?

Definition of Population Interaction. According to the population interaction definition, the interaction among populations is the interaction between different species of organisms in the ecosystem. It takes into account the effects that organisms belonging to a community have on everybody else and one another.


What factors influence where a population can live?

Abiotic and biotic factors are equally important as they both influence where a population can live and grow. These factors include the competition for resources, availability of nutrients, amount of sunlight, temperature, amount of rainfall, and soil type.

What is positive and negative interaction?

Organisms living together in a community influence each other directly or indirectly under natural conditions. The interaction between organisms may not be always beneficial to all the interacting counter parts.

How can two individuals compete without ever coming in contact with each other?

Species can compete even if they never come into direct contact with each other. For example, suppose that one insect feeds on a certain plant during they day and that another species feeds on the same plant during the night. Because they use the same food source, the two species are indirect competitors.

What is the difference between intraspecific and interspecific interactions?

Interspecific competition occurs between individuals of different species. Intraspecific competition occurs between individuals of the same species.

Which is a positive interaction?

Positive interactions are cooperative relationships between species that result in better growth, reproduction, and survival for at least one species involved in the interaction, without negatively affecting the other species (Morin, 1999; Stiling, 1999).

What is positive interaction in workplace?

Positive interactions increase good feelings, increase morale and improve work satisfaction. Negative interactions create confusion, anxiety, tension and uncertainty, which adversely affect work efficiency and company productivity. As a business leader, don’t leave workplace interactions to chance.

Which is correct order of ecological hierarchy?

Every species existing in the universe makes the ecology. So the hierarchy places them in order- individual, population, community, ecosystem, biome, biosphere.

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